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Lake Chisago

This is the main setting of this novel, and where Karl and Kristina settle.


This is a town near Lake Chisago where Karl often travels for business.


This is the country from which Karl, Kristina and many of their neighbors in the St. Croix Valley immigrate.

Civil War

This conflict to abolish slavery breaks out at the beginning of the novel.

Sioux War

This conflict consists of a tribe of Native Americans attacking settlers in an attempt to reclaim their land when the government does not pay them for the land as they promised.

Astrakan Apple Tree

Kristina grows this plant from a seed she brings to Minnesota from her parental home in Sweden.

Indian Cliff

This geological formation sits above Lake Chisago, and the settlers see it as intimidating since they cannot banish it as they have the Sioux.

Ljuder Parish

This is...

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