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Karl Oskar Nilsson - He is the main character of "The Last Letter Home" and is the first settler at Chisago Lake.

Kristina Nilsson - She immigrates to Minnesota with her husband when he decides to do so, though she does not really want to leave the country of her birth.

Ulrika - Although she is married to a Baptist Pastor, she was a prostitute when she lived in Sweden's Ljuder parish.

Marta Svensson - She visits Kristina several times when Kristina is sick, offering her medicinal advice, and she comes to Kristina to discuss her spiritual dilemma before converting from a Lutheran to a Baptist.

Lydia Karlsson - She is Karl's sister who still lives in Sweden, and she corresponds sporadically with him.

Johan Nilsson - Karl gives his farm to this son once he becomes too old and injured to work.

Marta Nilsson - She...

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