The Last Lecture Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Randy Pausch
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Introduction and Part I

• Randy said that looks can be deceiving. While he looked healthy, he had 10 tumors on his liver that would kill him.
• A university offered a lecture series about lessons learned from life. Randy wanted to give a lecture.
• His wife didn't want him to as it meant he would spend time away from his family, but he really wanted to. So, she relented.
• Randy wrote about fulfilling childhood dreams and had to sort through lots of pictures for slides as he was a visual thinker.
• He began the lecture with a slide of his liver to break the ice and to give the hope he still had for the short remainder of his life.

Part II

• Randy said he had won the parent lottery as his parents helped him fulfill every childhood dream he had.

• His mother was an English teacher and his father...

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