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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is killed at the beginning of Chapter 37?

2. What does Harry Rex say that the parole board's private meeting rules were in clear contradiction of?

3. What does Willie say he will act as for the parole hearing?

4. Who does Willie lock eyes with when he enters the room for the parole hearing?

5. What has Willie given up the idea of finding in Clayton?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Callie's trip to Memphis with Willie in Chapter 41.

2. Describe the Danny Padgitt parole hearing in Chapter 36.

3. Describe the conversation that Willie has with the people looking to buy his paper in Chapter 36.

4. Recount the conversation between Willie and Mr. McGrew.

5. Describe the effect it has on Willie when there is a large offer made on his business.

6. Describe the events that take place in Chapter 35 regarding the town council meeting and the Bargain City store that they are voting on opening.

7. What is the concern about Callie in Chapter 42?

8. What does Sheriff McNaught say to Maxine Root in the end of Chapter 39?

9. Describe the actions of the Padgitts in the beginning of Chapter 32.

10. What happens at Mr. Youry's house in Chapter 40?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why is Danny Padgitt the only member of the Padgitt family that is singled out and given any background or extended description on? What is the role of the Padgitt family?

Essay Topic 2

Mental illness is talked about a little bit in regards to Hank Hooten. Would it have been more helpful if the author had given more information about this character? Why was Willie so willing to agree not to publish any of the doctor's information about Hank Hooten's illness?

Essay Topic 3

Callie dies before Willie can tell her that he has sold the paper. What did it signify that Callie was never told that Willie had sold the paper? Describe the relationship between the two characters.

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