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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Callie in Chapter 44?

2. What is Callie Ruffin doing when Willie arrives at her house?

3. How does Willie treat the closing of the small stores on Main Street?

4. Who does Willie lock eyes with when he enters the room for the parole hearing?

5. What does the state trooper find in the car filled with high school students hours after graduation?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

1) Why did Willie suddenly grow tired of journalism as a vocation? Why did Willie suddenly grow tired of Clayton?

2) Is there any indication that Willie felt this way or was beginning to feel this way before the offer was made on the newspaper? Explain.

3) Why did Willie suddenly feel this way or realize he was feeling this way after the offer was made?

Essay Topic 2

During the course of the story the main character, Willie, changes quite a bit. Explain Willie's character at the beginning of the story and then give an explanation of it as it appears at the end of the story. In what ways has he changed? In what ways has he remained unchanged?

Essay Topic 3

There are a lot of rumors that surround the Padgitt family.

1) List the rumors and illegal activities the Padgitts were said to be involved in.

2) Is it possible that some of these were untrue? Explain.

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