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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the newspaper after Willie's second story in Chapter 6?

2. What religion does Willie claim although he doesn't attend a church?

3. What group decides to write a bunch of letters to be printed taking Willie's view point on the war?

4. At lunch that week what does Callie call Willie?

5. What does the defense lawyer say that Willie's story has done?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Harry Rex asks Mr. Durant to forgive Sam for the affair?

2. Describe Willie's new look that he puts into play in Chapter 21.

3. Describe the goat barbecue that Willie is invited to with Harry Rex.

4. Describe the scene in Chapter 8 where Willie meets Callie Ruffin for the first time.

5. What happens when Willie goes to Callie's house in Chapter 29?

6. Describe the scene in Chapter 28 when Willie goes to play poker with Bubba and Bubba's friends.

7. What is the response when Willie prints the first installment of the story about the Ruffin family?

8. How are the Padgitt family members described in Chapter 3?

9. Describe what happened to Sam Ruffin.

10. Describe the letters that Willie receives after the trial.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

1) Why did Willie suddenly grow tired of journalism as a vocation? Why did Willie suddenly grow tired of Clayton?

2) Is there any indication that Willie felt this way or was beginning to feel this way before the offer was made on the newspaper? Explain.

3) Why did Willie suddenly feel this way or realize he was feeling this way after the offer was made?

Essay Topic 2

The story is about many things but seems to start and stop primarily with Willie's ownership of the newspaper. Why does the story stop at this point? Is it possible that this changes his plans to remain in Clayton?

Essay Topic 3

Describe what is known about Rhonda Kassellaw.

1) Is it easy to sympathize with her as a victim? Why.

2) Why did the author chose to leave little information about her and her character?

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