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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Callie Ruffin decide to do though Esau and Sam advise against it?
(a) Put out an add for a body guard
(b) Go to the new shopping store
(c) Move
(d) Attend the funeral

2. What does Willie want to be honored if he sells the paper?
(a) The name of the paper
(b) The contracts for his writers
(c) The human intrest stories
(d) The obituary section

3. What is Willie told he cannot do after he leaves the parole hearing?
(a) Talk to the defendant
(b) Contact the victim's family
(c) Cover the parole hearing in the paper
(d) Talk about the parole hearing to his friends

4. Who does Willie lock eyes with when he enters the room for the parole hearing?
(a) Danny Padgitt
(b) The Padgitt family lawyer
(c) The enter Padgitt family
(d) Crowley the ex-sheriff

5. What denomination of church does Willie visit first?
(a) Methodist
(b) Baptist
(c) Catholic
(d) Pentecostal

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the mayor ban?

2. What is about to happen to Lucien due to an unrelated case?

3. Willie is awakened and informed that what is taking place the next day?

4. Where does Willie go after Hank Hooten kills himself?

5. What was Mo Teale called during the Padgitt trials?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Callie's trip to Memphis with Willie in Chapter 41.

2. Give the details of Mo Teale's murder in Chapter 38.

3. Describe the conversation had between Harry Rex and Willie in chapter thirty-eight about Willie selling the paper.

4. Describe the conversation that Willie has with the people looking to buy his paper in Chapter 36.

5. What does Willie learn about Hank Hooten and his mental condition in Chapter 43?

6. Recount the conversation between Willie and Mr. McGrew.

7. Describe the scene in Chapter 30 where the teenager are pulled over by the state trooper.

8. What had Willie envisioned happening after he sold the paper and began traveling as it is described in Chapter 44?

9. Summarize the conversation that Willie has with Callie in Chapter 37.

10. Describe what is seen of Danny Padgitt in Chapter 31.

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