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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Harry Rex demand his friends keep quiet?
(a) The secrete of the goat roast
(b) The back room at Pepe's
(c) Danny Padgitt's trial
(d) Harry Rex's girlfriend

2. What is the Calico Ridge church known for?
(a) Being the Padgitt's church
(b) Snake handling
(c) Speaking in tongues
(d) Being rude

3. What happened to Callie when the shooting began?
(a) Had a stroke
(b) Was hit by shrapnel
(c) Had a heart attack
(d) Fainted

4. Where do the Ruffin children go to stay the night while Callie is in the hospital?
(a) Hotels
(b) Willie's house
(c) Callie's home
(d) Back to their homes

5. Who is killed at the beginning of Chapter 37?
(a) Danny Padgitt
(b) Wiley Meek
(c) Lenny Fargarson
(d) Harry Rex

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Willie's reaction to the disturbance at Mr. Youry's?

2. What does Ollie call his late night 'varmit' hunting?

3. What does Willie say Baggy very well might die of soon?

4. Who does Baggy say took a bribe in order to release Danny Pagitt?

5. What legitimate business do the Padgitts begin buying their way into?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the scene in Chapter 30 where the teenager are pulled over by the state trooper.

2. What does Mrs. Callie say about Mr. Wainwright and his store in Chapter 34?

3. What does Lucien say about Danny's involvement with the murders?

4. What do Lenny Fargarson and Willie talk about in Chapter 34?

5. What had Willie envisioned happening after he sold the paper and began traveling as it is described in Chapter 44?

6. Describe the parole hearing that takes place in Chapter 33.

7. What do Bubba and his friends talk about in Chapter 30 while they are playing poker?

8. Describe what is seen of Danny Padgitt in Chapter 31.

9. Describe Callie's trip to Memphis with Willie in Chapter 41.

10. Summarize the conversation that Willie has with Callie in Chapter 37.

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