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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is about to happen to Lucien due to an unrelated case?
(a) Disbarred
(b) Have surgery
(c) Loose his practice
(d) Go to jail

2. What does Willie give Mrs. Callie when they have lunch?
(a) Letters from Sam
(b) A copy of the paper
(c) A copy of Danny's parole hearing
(d) A birthday card

3. What does the shooter begin shooting after the attack in the courtroom?
(a) The other jurors
(b) Padgitt's car
(c) Various buildings
(d) Lucien's law office windows

4. What is the last thing Willie writes for the newspaper?
(a) Danny Padgitt's obituary
(b) Hank Hooten's story
(c) Callie's obituary
(d) The notice of the sale of the newspaper

5. What does Harry Rex demand his friends keep quiet?
(a) Harry Rex's girlfriend
(b) The secrete of the goat roast
(c) The back room at Pepe's
(d) Danny Padgitt's trial

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Callie's house become?

2. Where does Willie go after Hank Hooten kills himself?

3. Who is killed at the beginning of Chapter 37?

4. What does Willie say Baggy very well might die of soon?

5. What does McGrew want Willie to do if they buy the paper?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Willie's reaction to seeing Hank Hooten in Chapter 32?

2. What does Lucien say about Danny's involvement with the murders?

3. What is the concern about Callie in Chapter 42?

4. Describe the events that take place in Chapter 35 regarding the town council meeting and the Bargain City store that they are voting on opening.

5. Describe what happens after Callie's last heart attack in Chapter 44?

6. What do Lenny Fargarson and Willie talk about in Chapter 34?

7. Describe the scene in Chapter 30 where the teenager are pulled over by the state trooper.

8. Describe the actions of the Padgitts in the beginning of Chapter 32.

9. Describe the Danny Padgitt parole hearing in Chapter 36.

10. Describe what is seen of Danny Padgitt in Chapter 31.

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