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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is shot during Danny's bail hearing?
(a) Danny
(b) Harry Rex
(c) Sam
(d) Lucien

2. Who speaks out against Danny's parole in Chapter 36?
(a) Willie
(b) Baggy
(c) Wiley Meek
(d) Sheriff McNatt

3. What is the name of the big store coming to Clayton?
(a) More for Less
(b) Wal-Mart
(c) Bargain City
(d) Stuff Mart

4. Where does Willie go after Hank Hooten kills himself?
(a) Home
(b) To the office
(c) To the mental institution
(d) To talk to a shrink

5. What has Willie put off telling Callie?
(a) He sold the paper
(b) Willie is going back home to care for his grandmother
(c) He is leaving Clayton
(d) Willie wants to get married

6. What does the mayor ban?
(a) Guns
(b) Talk of the murders
(c) Liquor
(d) Fireworks

7. What denomination of church does Willie visit first?
(a) Pentecostal
(b) Catholic
(c) Methodist
(d) Baptist

8. What has Willie given up the idea of finding in Clayton?
(a) Someone who understands him
(b) A good hunting dog
(c) Wife
(d) Happiness

9. Where does Willie recognize Lenny Fargarson from?
(a) Padgitt's jury
(b) Being at a protest
(c) From other churches
(d) Padgitt's family

10. Who arrives back in Ford County in Chapter 36?
(a) Ginger
(b) Sam Ruffin
(c) Lydia
(d) Danny Padgitt

11. What is Willie told he cannot do after he leaves the parole hearing?
(a) Cover the parole hearing in the paper
(b) Contact the victim's family
(c) Talk to the defendant
(d) Talk about the parole hearing to his friends

12. What does Willie want to be honored if he sells the paper?
(a) The human intrest stories
(b) The name of the paper
(c) The contracts for his writers
(d) The obituary section

13. What does Willie give Mrs. Callie when they have lunch?
(a) A copy of Danny's parole hearing
(b) A birthday card
(c) Letters from Sam
(d) A copy of the paper

14. What does Willie learn the murder victims had in common?
(a) Voted against the death penalty for Padgitt
(b) Had taken money from the Padgitts
(c) Were writting books about the trial
(d) Voted for the death penalty for Padgitt

15. Who does Willie volunteer to tell about the murder?
(a) Callie Ruffin
(b) The Padgitt lawyer
(c) Sam Ruffin
(d) Five of the jurors

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sheriff McNaught tell Maxine Root's brothers to do?

2. What does the state trooper find in the car filled with high school students hours after graduation?

3. Who goes with Willie to check up on Danny Padgitt?

4. What does Sheriff McNaught say that they got from the woods behind Lenny Fargarson's house?

5. What does Willie say Baggy very well might die of soon?

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