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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Willie worried that Danny might be allowed another trial?
(a) Danny might be found innocent
(b) Ginger might be called back to the stand
(c) The Padgitts would come back to his town for the trial
(d) The stress might hurt Callie

2. What does Willie admit that he started some of his arguments because of?
(a) A need to be heard
(b) Boredom
(c) To have something to write about
(d) Fun

3. What is the Calico Ridge church known for?
(a) Being the Padgitt's church
(b) Snake handling
(c) Being rude
(d) Speaking in tongues

4. What does Harry Rex tell Willie to do?
(a) Keep the paper
(b) Take the money
(c) Get out of Clayton
(d) Marry Harry Rex's sister

5. How many people is Willie able to find to go with him to the parole hearing of Danny Padgitt?
(a) Three
(b) Thirty
(c) Five
(d) Sixty-two

6. What does Willie say they will have to give if they want the paper?
(a) 1.5 million
(b) 1 million plus a permanent office for Willie to stay in
(c) 2 million
(d) 1.2 million plus a job for Sam Ruffin

7. What was Mo Teale called during the Padgitt trials?
(a) Mr. John Deere
(b) Bubba
(c) Big Smith
(d) Farmer Man

8. What does Mr. Youry's neighbor see running past her back door?
(a) Two white teenagers
(b) Danny Padgitt
(c) A young woman
(d) Three armed men

9. What is Lucien's one condition for bringing Danny Padgitt in?
(a) Danny would be treated well
(b) Immediate bail hearing
(c) The Padgitts are allowed to stay in town
(d) No press allowed

10. What does Willie tell Harry Rex he is thinking about doing?
(a) Selling the paper
(b) Moving from Ford County
(c) Going to Padgitt island
(d) Marrying

11. What does Willie say he is losing interest in?
(a) Being in a small town
(b) The newspaper business
(c) Journalism as a vocation
(d) The drama

12. What does Sheriff McNaught tell Maxine Root's brothers to do?
(a) Take off their stupid hats
(b) Stay close to their sister
(c) Keep their guns in their trucks
(d) Stay away from Padgitt island

13. What does Willie do after receiving death threats?
(a) Puts new locks on all the doors
(b) Calls the FBI
(c) Buys a guard dog
(d) Moves

14. What does Willie learn the murder victims had in common?
(a) Voted for the death penalty for Padgitt
(b) Voted against the death penalty for Padgitt
(c) Had taken money from the Padgitts
(d) Were writting books about the trial

15. Why did Willie not go to Mo Teale's funeral?
(a) Willie didn't know him
(b) Willie was meeting with the sheriff
(c) Willie was sitting with Callie Ruffin
(d) Willie was having a meeting about the paper

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Callie finally decide to do?

2. Who is killed at the beginning of Chapter 37?

3. Who does Willie lock eyes with when he enters the room for the parole hearing?

4. What has Willie put off telling Callie?

5. What does Willie insist that Callie's family do while in town?

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