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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Willie tell Harry Rex he is thinking about doing?
(a) Selling the paper
(b) Moving from Ford County
(c) Marrying
(d) Going to Padgitt island

2. What does Sheriff McNaught say that they got from the woods behind Lenny Fargarson's house?
(a) Nothing
(b) Foot prints
(c) The gun used
(d) A chewed up cigar

3. What does Harry Rex demand his friends keep quiet?
(a) The back room at Pepe's
(b) Harry Rex's girlfriend
(c) The secrete of the goat roast
(d) Danny Padgitt's trial

4. What has Willie put off telling Callie?
(a) Willie is going back home to care for his grandmother
(b) He sold the paper
(c) Willie wants to get married
(d) He is leaving Clayton

5. What does Willie give Mrs. Callie when they have lunch?
(a) A copy of Danny's parole hearing
(b) A birthday card
(c) A copy of the paper
(d) Letters from Sam

6. What does Willie say he will act as for the parole hearing?
(a) Member of the victim's family
(b) Witness
(c) Stand in for the sheriff
(d) Reporter

7. Where does Willie recognize Lenny Fargarson from?
(a) From other churches
(b) Padgitt's jury
(c) Padgitt's family
(d) Being at a protest

8. Who doesn't come to the hospital?
(a) Margaret
(b) Sheriff McNaught
(c) Reverand Thurston Small
(d) Mr. and Mrs. Fargarson

9. What does Sheriff McNaught ask Willie for?
(a) His story about Lenny's accident
(b) A list of jurors
(c) A ride back into town
(d) Harry Rex's number

10. What does Willie do after receiving death threats?
(a) Puts new locks on all the doors
(b) Moves
(c) Buys a guard dog
(d) Calls the FBI

11. What does Callie Ruffin say she remembered about the person killed?
(a) He had been polite
(b) He loved his parents
(c) He was in such pain because of his accident
(d) They had prayed together

12. What does Callie get out of her closet?
(a) A leather bound journal
(b) A paperback book
(c) A scrap of paper
(d) Spiral notebook

13. What does Harry Rex tell Willie to do?
(a) Take the money
(b) Keep the paper
(c) Get out of Clayton
(d) Marry Harry Rex's sister

14. Who does Willie lock eyes with when he enters the room for the parole hearing?
(a) The Padgitt family lawyer
(b) Crowley the ex-sheriff
(c) Danny Padgitt
(d) The enter Padgitt family

15. What does Lucien Willbanks specifically say about Willie in regards to the meeting?
(a) Willie is not to print any information
(b) Willie is not invited
(c) Willie is not to know about it
(d) Willie is to bring cookies

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Willie take as an ominous sign from his first contractor?

2. Where does Willie go to cry?

3. Why did Willie not go to Mo Teale's funeral?

4. Who is shot during Danny's bail hearing?

5. What is the Calico Ridge church known for?

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