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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Willie get the money to buy the newspaper?
(a) The local bank
(b) His trust fund
(c) His grandmother
(d) His college friend

2. What does Willie realize he has left either in his car or his apartment?
(a) The keys to his safe
(b) His camera
(c) His gun
(d) His cell phone

3. What does Mr. Durant say when Harry Rex says that Sam has asked for forgiveness?
(a) Which affair was that
(b) He has Alzheimers and can't remember
(c) He has forgiven Sam
(d) He will wait on Sam with a gun

4. What does Willie worry about after hearing Lydia Vince's testimony?
(a) The jury will have reasonable doubt
(b) His paper will be in trouble
(c) The children will be called in
(d) Ginger will be crushed

5. What does Willie put in his article that he knows will get him a 'slap on the wrist'.
(a) Bad language
(b) Negative talk about the president
(c) A picture of a grieving mother
(d) Picture of a black soldier

6. Although it is a big part of the news in the world what does Willie note is not mentioned during the campaigns?
(a) Vietnam
(b) Segregation
(c) The Padgitt family trials
(d) Unemployment rate

7. Who makes fun of Willie's new wardrobe?
(a) Harry Rex
(b) Wiley Meek
(c) Callie
(d) Baggs

8. What does Bubba say will not be at the poker game?
(a) Food
(b) War stories
(c) Pot
(d) Beer

9. Who does Willy expect to see at his office after the trial is over?
(a) The district attorney
(b) Ginger
(c) Harry Rex
(d) Callie

10. What does Willie begin covering for the schools?
(a) Band competitions
(b) Football games
(c) Honor student role
(d) Basketball games

11. At lunch that week what does Callie call Willie?
(a) Marvelous
(b) Courageous
(c) Stupid
(d) Thick headed

12. What does Danny do as he gets off the stand?
(a) Threatens the district attorney
(b) Threatens the jury
(c) Spits on the judge
(d) Threatens Willie

13. How much money does Willie lose playing poker?
(a) $100
(b) $20
(c) $55
(d) $1000

14. Who is hired to investigate the affair that Iris Durant is having?
(a) Baggs
(b) The local sheriff
(c) Harry Rex
(d) Mr. Caudle

15. What does Bubba Crockett tell Willie that he knew was going to happen a week after Bubba arrived at Vietnam?
(a) He was going to die
(b) He would get back home
(c) They were going to win the war
(d) His friends were going to die

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Willie and his photographer the story?

2. How long does it take to get the verdict back?

3. What story does Willie run that many of his staff members are not happy with?

4. What is it about Danny Padgitt that makes the cop reach for his handcuffs?

5. The morning the paper comes out what is Willie at the Court House for?

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