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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Willie and the Tishomingo County Sheriff laugh at?
(a) How inbred the Padgitts are
(b) How rediculous Lydia's testimony was
(c) How corrupt Sheriff Coley has become
(d) The bad road construction

2. What is Willie told in reference to how Danny is most likely being treated while in jail?
(a) Like a prince
(b) Having a rough time of it
(c) Living the good life
(d) Sleeping in the detox tank

3. What does Baggy say surprised him?
(a) That the Padgitts didn't come and kill Willie themselves
(b) That the bomb didn't go off
(c) That the bomb wasnt' at Willie's home
(d) That people like that were still around

4. What does Danny do as he gets off the stand?
(a) Spits on the judge
(b) Threatens the jury
(c) Threatens the district attorney
(d) Threatens Willie

5. At lunch that week what does Callie call Willie?
(a) Marvelous
(b) Stupid
(c) Courageous
(d) Thick headed

6. What signals the end of the letters about the war?
(a) Christmas
(b) The assassination of the president
(c) The end of the war
(d) Thanksgiving

7. What does the funeral home directer tell Willie when Willie says that his landlord, Mr. Magargel, is dead?
(a) It is about time
(b) To make sure he isn't just sleeping
(c) That he always looks dead
(d) That he has sleep apnea

8. What piece of evidence is presented that had belonged to Danny Padgitt?
(a) His bloody shirt
(b) His bloody blue jeans
(c) His knife
(d) His blood soaked shoes

9. Who passes away leaving Willie feeling guilty for not having spoken to him?
(a) The judge
(b) The district attorney
(c) Mr. Caudle
(d) Esau Riffen

10. What is the Padgitt family known for selling?
(a) Pigs
(b) Stolen vehicles
(c) Government contraband
(d) Whiskey

11. Who does Willy expect to see at his office after the trial is over?
(a) The district attorney
(b) Callie
(c) Ginger
(d) Harry Rex

12. What verdict does the jury come to in regards to Danny serving a life sentence or receiving the death penalty?
(a) They decide to go to Disney Land
(b) They cannot reach a decision
(c) Death penalty
(d) Life sentence

13. How many letters to the editor about the trial does Willie send on to print?
(a) Twelve
(b) Eighteen
(c) Six
(d) Three

14. What happens that Willie is able to cover and helps his newspaper grow?
(a) A riot in Memphis
(b) The price of milk goes up
(c) Desegregation
(d) Vietnam war

15. What had been wrong with Willie's mother that he hadn't had food as good as Callie Ruffin's?
(a) She never bought food
(b) Bulimic
(c) Anorexic
(d) She worked all the time and didn't cook

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Willie get the money to buy the newspaper?

2. What does Harry Rex give Willie?

3. What had been Willie Traynor's dream?

4. What happens to The Ford County Times?

5. What is wrong with Callie?

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