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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the rumors in the town say that the district attorney had made his request?
(a) To make it harder to buy a jury
(b) To stop gossip
(c) To keep word of the trial from leaking out
(d) To make it harder for Danny to escape

2. Why does Harry Rex later tell Willie that Callie was chosen as a juror?
(a) Willie's lunches with her
(b) Her family knew Rhonda
(c) Willie's articles about her
(d) She was well educated

3. What happens to the newspaper after Willie's second story in Chapter 6?
(a) The paper gets sued
(b) The revenue doubles
(c) They sell out of papers
(d) Willie is forced to add another reporter

4. How much money does Willie lose playing poker?
(a) $1000
(b) $20
(c) $100
(d) $55

5. What does Willie realize he has left either in his car or his apartment?
(a) His cell phone
(b) His gun
(c) The keys to his safe
(d) His camera

6. What is the piece of land called where the Padgitt family lives?
(a) Padgitt Island
(b) Padgitt Mountain
(c) Padgitt Commune
(d) Padgitt Holler

7. Who came to get Rhonda's children after her death?
(a) Their grandmother
(b) Their cousin
(c) Their father
(d) Their aunt

8. What kind of car did the landlord have that Willie buys?
(a) Volkswagen
(b) Mercedes
(c) Cadillac
(d) GTO

9. Where had Sam Ruffin been working when he was sixteen?
(a) Shoe store
(b) Grocery store
(c) Parts store
(d) Hog farm

10. What had been Willie Traynor's dream?
(a) Coving the war efforts
(b) Working for world news
(c) Working in politics
(d) Traveling the world as a journalist

11. What is it about Danny Padgitt that makes the cop reach for his handcuffs?
(a) Blood and alcohol
(b) Danny is talking about a woman that is dead
(c) The phone call from the victim's neighbor
(d) Blood and his angry voice

12. What story does Willie run that many of his staff members are not happy with?
(a) The Ruffin family story
(b) The story of crooked politicians
(c) Rhonda's life story
(d) The Padgitt family story

13. Who does Willie receive a phone call from?
(a) Esau
(b) Callie
(c) Baggs
(d) Harry Rex

14. What do Willie and the Tishomingo County Sheriff laugh at?
(a) How corrupt Sheriff Coley has become
(b) The bad road construction
(c) How inbred the Padgitts are
(d) How rediculous Lydia's testimony was

15. What does Willie begin covering for the schools?
(a) Honor student role
(b) Band competitions
(c) Basketball games
(d) Football games

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Willie's next story about in Chapter 9?

2. Who is called as a witness that gives a very upsetting testimony?

3. Who is hired to investigate the affair that Iris Durant is having?

4. What does Piston discover?

5. What did Baggy say the Padgitt family was trying to do?

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