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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Sheriff say he is thankful he didn't do?
(a) Serve on the Padgitt trial jury
(b) Speak out against Danny Padgitt
(c) Testify
(d) Work for the Padgitts

2. Who makes fun of Willie's new wardrobe?
(a) Harry Rex
(b) Wiley Meek
(c) Baggs
(d) Callie

3. What happens that Willie is able to cover and helps his newspaper grow?
(a) A riot in Memphis
(b) Vietnam war
(c) The price of milk goes up
(d) Desegregation

4. What does Lydia's ex-husband say is the reason they were divorcing?
(a) Lydia was a floozy
(b) Lydia was joining a convent
(c) Lydia is a lesbian
(d) Lydia was a drug runner

5. Who came to get Rhonda's children after her death?
(a) Their father
(b) Their cousin
(c) Their aunt
(d) Their grandmother

6. Who receives one of the summons to be on the jury pool?
(a) Callie Ruffin
(b) Willie
(c) Esau Ruffin
(d) Harry Rex

7. Where does Will offer to drive Ginger, Rhonda's sister?
(a) To Rhonda's house
(b) To his place
(c) To Callin Ruffin's for lunch
(d) To her hotel

8. Why do the rumors in the town say that the district attorney had made his request?
(a) To make it harder for Danny to escape
(b) To stop gossip
(c) To make it harder to buy a jury
(d) To keep word of the trial from leaking out

9. What story does Willie run that many of his staff members are not happy with?
(a) Rhonda's life story
(b) The story of crooked politicians
(c) The Padgitt family story
(d) The Ruffin family story

10. What does Willie hear while in his office?
(a) Police sirens
(b) Screaming
(c) A bomb going off
(d) Gun shots

11. What does Bubba say will not be at the poker game?
(a) Food
(b) Beer
(c) Pot
(d) War stories

12. What signals the end of the letters about the war?
(a) The end of the war
(b) The assassination of the president
(c) Christmas
(d) Thanksgiving

13. Why does Baggy say that Callie will be chosen as a juror?
(a) Callie was a smart woman
(b) Blacks were to uneducated to know
(c) Blacks were thought to be more sympathetic to criminals
(d) Blacks were easy to manipulate

14. What did Baggy say the Padgitt family was trying to do?
(a) Make Willie leave town
(b) Intimidate the paper
(c) Kill Willie
(d) Draw attention away from Danny

15. What is it about Danny Padgitt that makes the cop reach for his handcuffs?
(a) Danny is talking about a woman that is dead
(b) The phone call from the victim's neighbor
(c) Blood and his angry voice
(d) Blood and alcohol

Short Answer Questions

1. The morning the paper comes out what is Willie at the Court House for?

2. What does Callie tell Willie she is concerned about?

3. Who passes away leaving Willie feeling guilty for not having spoken to him?

4. What is the sniper wearing when found?

5. Who is called as a witness that gives a very upsetting testimony?

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