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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Willie Traynor learn about that makes him decide to go to work in a small town paper?
(a) The freedom
(b) The ability to choose your own stories
(c) The money
(d) The ability to make your own hours

2. What group decides to write a bunch of letters to be printed taking Willie's view point on the war?
(a) Parents of those lost in the war
(b) Young men that had been drafted
(c) Preachers
(d) High school students

3. What happens to The Ford County Times?
(a) It burns down
(b) It goes bankrupt
(c) It gets sued
(d) The owner has a heart attack

4. What does Piston discover?
(a) A severed finger
(b) A bottle of moonshine
(c) A death threat
(d) A bomb

5. Although it is a big part of the news in the world what does Willie note is not mentioned during the campaigns?
(a) The Padgitt family trials
(b) Vietnam
(c) Unemployment rate
(d) Segregation

6. How much money does Willie lose playing poker?
(a) $55
(b) $100
(c) $1000
(d) $20

7. What religion does Willie claim although he doesn't attend a church?
(a) Baptist
(b) Episcopalian
(c) Pentecostal
(d) Catholic

8. What does Willie find under his door when he returns to work?
(a) A letter from Ginger
(b) A threat from the Padgitts
(c) A lottery ticket
(d) Letters to the editor

9. Why does Baggy say that Callie will be chosen as a juror?
(a) Blacks were easy to manipulate
(b) Callie was a smart woman
(c) Blacks were thought to be more sympathetic to criminals
(d) Blacks were to uneducated to know

10. What happens that Willie is able to cover and helps his newspaper grow?
(a) A riot in Memphis
(b) Vietnam war
(c) The price of milk goes up
(d) Desegregation

11. What does Sam contact Willie and ask him to do?
(a) Sneak him into town
(b) Talk to Mr. Durant on Sam's behalf
(c) Get him a fast car
(d) Get protection

12. What had been wrong with Willie's mother that he hadn't had food as good as Callie Ruffin's?
(a) Bulimic
(b) She never bought food
(c) She worked all the time and didn't cook
(d) Anorexic

13. Who is hired to investigate the affair that Iris Durant is having?
(a) Mr. Caudle
(b) Baggs
(c) Harry Rex
(d) The local sheriff

14. Who is surprisingly called to the stand to prove the point that Danny Padgitt can't get a fair trial?
(a) Baggs
(b) Callie Ruffin
(c) Willie
(d) Wiley Meek

15. What does Willie begin covering for the schools?
(a) Honor student role
(b) Basketball games
(c) Band competitions
(d) Football games

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Harry Rex later tell Willie that Callie was chosen as a juror?

2. Who is the second witness called?

3. How did Mr. DeJarnette die?

4. What is Willie told in reference to how Danny is most likely being treated while in jail?

5. Where does Will offer to drive Ginger, Rhonda's sister?

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