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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is surprisingly called to the stand to prove the point that Danny Padgitt can't get a fair trial?
(a) Wiley Meek
(b) Baggs
(c) Callie Ruffin
(d) Willie

2. Who came to get Rhonda's children after her death?
(a) Their cousin
(b) Their aunt
(c) Their father
(d) Their grandmother

3. Where had Sam Ruffin been working when he was sixteen?
(a) Grocery store
(b) Shoe store
(c) Hog farm
(d) Parts store

4. Why had Bubba's older brother been rejected by the draft?
(a) Too old
(b) Genetic condition
(c) Eyesight
(d) Bad leg

5. What is the Padgitt family known for selling?
(a) Pigs
(b) Stolen vehicles
(c) Whiskey
(d) Government contraband

6. Where do the landlord's sisters say they will move?
(a) California
(b) Alabama
(c) Florida
(d) Virginia

7. What happens when the sniper is caught?
(a) Put into a mental institution
(b) Given a phsyc eval and sent home
(c) Put into county jail
(d) Put on medication and sent home

8. Who passes away leaving Willie feeling guilty for not having spoken to him?
(a) Mr. Caudle
(b) The district attorney
(c) Esau Riffen
(d) The judge

9. What does Willie realize he has left either in his car or his apartment?
(a) His cell phone
(b) His camera
(c) His gun
(d) The keys to his safe

10. What does the funeral home directer tell Willie when Willie says that his landlord, Mr. Magargel, is dead?
(a) That he has sleep apnea
(b) That he always looks dead
(c) To make sure he isn't just sleeping
(d) It is about time

11. What does Willie Traynor learn about that makes him decide to go to work in a small town paper?
(a) The ability to choose your own stories
(b) The ability to make your own hours
(c) The freedom
(d) The money

12. What does Harry Rex give Willie?
(a) A gun
(b) A hunting knife
(c) A bottle of whiskey
(d) His phone number

13. What does Willie hear while in his office?
(a) Gun shots
(b) Police sirens
(c) Screaming
(d) A bomb going off

14. Where is the sniper located?
(a) Top of the courthouse
(b) On a park bench
(c) Top of the library
(d) Inside a car

15. What happens that Willie is able to cover and helps his newspaper grow?
(a) The price of milk goes up
(b) A riot in Memphis
(c) Desegregation
(d) Vietnam war

Short Answer Questions

1. Who makes fun of Willie's new wardrobe?

2. What does the Sheriff say he is thankful he didn't do?

3. How did Mr. DeJarnette die?

4. How does Willie describe the newspaper office?

5. What does the district attorney ask that they do for the murder trial?

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