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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Callie tell Willie she is concerned about?
(a) Danny Padgitt's trial
(b) Willie's soul
(c) Willie's health
(d) Willie's life

2. What does Harry Rex give Willie?
(a) A hunting knife
(b) A gun
(c) His phone number
(d) A bottle of whiskey

3. What does Baggy say surprised him?
(a) That people like that were still around
(b) That the bomb wasnt' at Willie's home
(c) That the Padgitts didn't come and kill Willie themselves
(d) That the bomb didn't go off

4. Who passes away leaving Willie feeling guilty for not having spoken to him?
(a) The judge
(b) The district attorney
(c) Esau Riffen
(d) Mr. Caudle

5. What piece of evidence is presented that had belonged to Danny Padgitt?
(a) His knife
(b) His bloody shirt
(c) His blood soaked shoes
(d) His bloody blue jeans

6. How many letters to the editor about the trial does Willie send on to print?
(a) Six
(b) Twelve
(c) Eighteen
(d) Three

7. What does Harry Rex invite Willie to come to?
(a) A goat roast
(b) A muddin' party
(c) A small dance
(d) A creek party

8. What does Willie realize he has left either in his car or his apartment?
(a) The keys to his safe
(b) His camera
(c) His cell phone
(d) His gun

9. What had been Willie Traynor's dream?
(a) Coving the war efforts
(b) Working in politics
(c) Working for world news
(d) Traveling the world as a journalist

10. Why does Harry Rex later tell Willie that Callie was chosen as a juror?
(a) Willie's articles about her
(b) Her family knew Rhonda
(c) She was well educated
(d) Willie's lunches with her

11. What happens that Willie is able to cover and helps his newspaper grow?
(a) A riot in Memphis
(b) The price of milk goes up
(c) Desegregation
(d) Vietnam war

12. Who is murdered in a nearby county?
(a) Lydia Vince
(b) A Padgitt employee
(c) Harry Rex
(d) Malcolm Vince

13. Where is the sniper located?
(a) Inside a car
(b) On a park bench
(c) Top of the courthouse
(d) Top of the library

14. What does Willie Traynor learn about that makes him decide to go to work in a small town paper?
(a) The ability to choose your own stories
(b) The freedom
(c) The ability to make your own hours
(d) The money

15. What does Sam contact Willie and ask him to do?
(a) Sneak him into town
(b) Get him a fast car
(c) Talk to Mr. Durant on Sam's behalf
(d) Get protection

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sam leave town when Mr. Durant wants him dead?

2. What religion does Willie claim although he doesn't attend a church?

3. What did Baggy say the Padgitt family was trying to do?

4. What is it about Danny Padgitt that makes the cop reach for his handcuffs?

5. What group decides to write a bunch of letters to be printed taking Willie's view point on the war?

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