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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 17 | Part 1, Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Baggy say that Callie will be chosen as a juror?
(a) Blacks were to uneducated to know
(b) Blacks were thought to be more sympathetic to criminals
(c) Blacks were easy to manipulate
(d) Callie was a smart woman

2. Why does Harry Rex later tell Willie that Callie was chosen as a juror?
(a) Willie's articles about her
(b) Her family knew Rhonda
(c) She was well educated
(d) Willie's lunches with her

3. What does Harry Rex invite Willie to come to?
(a) A creek party
(b) A muddin' party
(c) A small dance
(d) A goat roast

4. What had been wrong with Willie's mother that he hadn't had food as good as Callie Ruffin's?
(a) Bulimic
(b) She never bought food
(c) Anorexic
(d) She worked all the time and didn't cook

5. What happens to Willie's photographer, Wiley Meek?
(a) Shot
(b) Ran off the road
(c) Beaten almost to death
(d) Stabbed

Short Answer Questions

1. Who receives one of the summons to be on the jury pool?

2. What did Baggy say the Padgitt family was trying to do?

3. What does Harry Rex give Willie?

4. What does Piston discover?

5. Who goes back to the office with Willie to await the jury's verdict?

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