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James Crumley
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Short Answer Questions

1. What specifically is Trahearne going to write about?

2. When Sughrue visits Selma Hinds to discover why she lied to him, what does he discover?

3. Where do Catherine and Sughrue have an intense sexual encounter after their fight?

4. What does Stacy do to Hyland?

5. What help does Stacy want from Sughrue after she wakes in the middle of the night?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Catherine's sexual relationship with Sughrue manipulative?

2. Why would Betty Sue need convincing to contact Rosie?

3. Has Trahearne been fair to Sughrue, in his use of Sughrue's investigative skills?

4. What is a possibility behind Rosie's reaction to the news about Betty Sue?

5. Is Sughrue's reaction to finding Melinda at Selma's home realistic? Why?

6. What is the novel's tone as Sughrue and Stacy stage an assault on Hyland's house?

7. What is Trahearne's failure to write symbolic of? How?

8. How does Trahearne and Sughrue's war-story telling force them to bond?

9. According to Catherine, what is Trahearne and Melinda's marriage like?

10. Why does Melinda offer herself to Sughrue?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Edna owns the town's hotel. The story behind her acquisition is important to the story's development, especially Betty Sue's life. How is the hotel symbolic and what is the connection to Betty Sue/Melinda?

Essay Topic 2

Trahearne has previous and successful writing and writing that he is wanting to complete. These two types of writing are very different. What does Trahearne's writing symbolize at different stages in his life?

Essay Topic 3

Often times, characters "fit" their names, such as "Betty Sue" sounds like a sweet girl that everyone likes. Analyze the characters' names. What do their names say about them?

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