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James Crumley
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Short Answer Questions

1. How faithful is Melinda in her marriage to Trahearne?

2. Why does Sughrue not accept Melinda's offer of herself?

3. What do Jackson and his men do at the Hind's home?

4. Who seems to have overheard the conversation between Sughrue and Melinda?

5. After Trahearne leaves Sughrue's acreage in Montana, where does Sughrue work?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Catherine's sexual relationship with Sughrue manipulative?

2. According to Catherine, what is Trahearne and Melinda's marriage like?

3. Why would Sughrue make a superficial joke about Catherine''s age?

4. Why does Catherine sleep with Sughrue?

5. Why would Selma have lied to Sughrue about Betty Sue's death?

6. Why does Melinda offer herself to Sughrue?

7. Why does Trahearne start drinking again?

8. What does it say about Stacy that she invites Sughrue to her bed after hearing his conversation with Melinda?

9. How do Sughrue and Traherne get along in Montana?

10. Is Sughrue's reaction to finding Melinda at Selma's home realistic? Why?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Sughrue and Trahearne develop a relationship that changes as the novel progresses. These two men can be further explored due to their complexity. Compare and contrast Sughrue and Trahearne.

Essay Topic 2

Sughrue describes Melinda's sculptures many times and realizes there is a connection between Melinda and her art. How do these sculptures parallel Melinda?

Essay Topic 3

Has Sughrue changed as the novel ends? Look at his actions at the very beginning of the novel and at the end that both take place at Rosie's.

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