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James Crumley
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Saghrue reveal about Trahearne's mother?

2. According to Gleeson, why did he not have sex with Betty Sue?

3. Where does Saghure track Peggy Bain to?

4. Trahearne's ex-wife tells Sughrue to look where for him?

5. Why does Sughrue leave Melinda in the night?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Sughrue and Trahearne's interactions with the nurse teach the readers about these two men?

2. How does Betty Sue have the power to make Sughrue fall under her spell when they have never met?

3. What prompts Sughrue to say he will "rise and do what [he] knew he had to do, to what [he] owed the women"?

4. How has Sughrue's self-described "mean streak" affected his life thus far?

5. What does Sughrue's drastic actions with Jackson say about his involvement in the case?

6. Is Edna's treatment of Sughrue out of character for her? Why?

7. How do Selma Hinds' actions characterize her?

8. Sughrue and Rosie concoct a story for the police. How does this story indirectly characterize them?

9. Why would Sughrue just accept the beatings from Jackson's men?

10. Why is it significant that Albert Griffith searched the morgue for Betty Sue?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The plot structure of a novel can be interpreted different ways. Most controversial is the climax, or most exciting part of the novel. What is the climax of this novel?

Essay Topic 2

How does Melinda's desire to live her own life contribute to her death?

Essay Topic 3

Often times, characters "fit" their names, such as "Betty Sue" sounds like a sweet girl that everyone likes. Analyze the characters' names. What do their names say about them?

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