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James Crumley
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Short Answer Questions

1. What best describes Jimmy Flowers?

2. Who quits running on Sughrue's first morning in Montana?

3. What is Albert Griffith's occupation?

4. How did Sughrue make a living in San Francisco after his discharge from the military?

5. Whom did Betty Sue leave the commune with?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Sughrue threaten Trahearne at the novel's close?

2. Has Trahearne been fair to Sughrue, in his use of Sughrue's investigative skills?

3. What tone is set when Sughrue says people in his business need "a moral certitude that I no longer even claimed to possess"?

4. What is ironic about Melinda's new clothes, hair and attitude?

5. Why would Torres still demand the forty thousand dollars from Melinda?

6. Are Sughrue's descriptions of Albert Griffith accurate? Why or why not?

7. How does Betty Sue have the power to make Sughrue fall under her spell when they have never met?

8. How does Peggy Blain's explanation of Betty Sue contribute to the development of Betty Sue's allure?

9. Why would Selma have lied to Sughrue about Betty Sue's death?

10. Why does Catherine sleep with Sughrue?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Stacy has a small role in the novel. She does deal with all major characters at least once. What is the purpose of Stacy's character?

Essay Topic 2

How is Selma Hinds a catalyst in the novel?

Essay Topic 3

Comment on how the different characters use alcohol. Look at Trahearne, Sughrue and Rosie. In what way does the characters' uses of alcohol characterize them?

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