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James Crumley
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What work did Trahearne want Sughrue to do for him?
(a) Finding out who Melinda was.
(b) Investigating Jimmy Joe.
(c) Find Melinda's car.
(d) Seeking Selma Hinds and discovering her daughter.

2. What will Trahearne pay Sughrue to do?
(a) Investigate his mother.
(b) Follow Melinda.
(c) Keep Trahearne sober.
(d) Find Torres.

3. How does Stacy help Sughrue with Jackson and his men?
(a) Stacy robs Jackson.
(b) Stacy poses as a porn actress.
(c) Stacy secretly tapes her conversation with Jackson.
(d) Stacy finds money to pay everyone off.

4. How does Sughrue prevent Trahearne from changing his life?
(a) Gets Melinda on the phone.
(b) Encourages him to get drunk.
(c) Punches him cold and takes him to the hospital.
(d) Buys him a plane ticket to Mexico.

5. What does Sughrue do to Torres's hand?
(a) Permanently brands it.
(b) Shoots his hand off.
(c) Cuts off a finger.
(d) Shakes his hand.

Short Answer Questions

1. What specifically is Trahearne going to write about?

2. What does Selma have when Sughrue and Trahearne arrive at her home together?

3. What war story does Sughrue reveal to Trahearne?

4. What does Catherine reveal about her first husband?

5. How does Catherine react to Sughrue after their sexual encounter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the novel's tone as Sughrue and Stacy stage an assault on Hyland's house?

2. What is Trahearne's failure to write symbolic of? How?

3. What does it say about Stacy that she invites Sughrue to her bed after hearing his conversation with Melinda?

4. How does Trahearne and Sughrue's war-story telling force them to bond?

5. Has Trahearne been fair to Sughrue, in his use of Sughrue's investigative skills?

6. How is Catherine's sexual relationship with Sughrue manipulative?

7. What are some reasons Sughrue won't accept Melinda?

8. Why would Melinda tell Sughrue he doesn't know her at all?

9. Why would Betty Sue need convincing to contact Rosie?

10. How do the activities that Sughrue and Stacy do epitomize their relationship?

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