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James Crumley
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Jimmy Joe alleges to Rosie that Betty Sue sent him what?
(a) A book.
(b) A package.
(c) A postcard.
(d) Some jewelry.

2. What will Trahearne pay Sughrue to do?
(a) Find Torres.
(b) Keep Trahearne sober.
(c) Follow Melinda.
(d) Investigate his mother.

3. What negative behavior does Trahearne begin after he arrives at Sughrue's acreage in Montana?
(a) Binge drinking.
(b) Hair pulling.
(c) Self mutilating.
(d) Not eating.

4. How does Rosie react when Sughrue tells her Betty Sue is dead?
(a) She cries and faints.
(b) She refuses to believe it.
(c) She hits Sughrue.
(d) She goes into shock.

5. What does Sughrue do at his acreage in Montana?
(a) Writes a novel.
(b) Recovers from the beating he received from Jackson's men.
(c) Stops worrying about Betty Sue and Rosie.
(d) Starts a daily exercise regimen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Stacy and Sughrue spend a couple days doing after the ordeal at Hyland's home?

2. Who sent Betty Sue's father the postcard?

3. At the end of their romantic interlude, what do Catherine and Sughrue confess to each other?

4. Why does Sughrue not accept Melinda's offer of herself?

5. Why does Selma go to pieces crying when Sughrue confronts her about Betty Sue?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is it possible for Sughrue to help Trahearne write? Why?

2. Why would Torres still demand the forty thousand dollars from Melinda?

3. Why would Selma have lied to Sughrue about Betty Sue's death?

4. How would Melinda's past life affected her present day life?

5. How do the activities that Sughrue and Stacy do epitomize their relationship?

6. How does Trahearne and Sughrue's war-story telling force them to bond?

7. How do Sughrue and Traherne get along in Montana?

8. According to Catherine, what is Trahearne and Melinda's marriage like?

9. What is the novel's tone as Sughrue and Stacy stage an assault on Hyland's house?

10. Why would Sughrue immediately head out to California after the phone call from Jimmy Joe?

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