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James Crumley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Instead of sleeping with Cathering after their fight, what does Sughrue do?
(a) He tries to start a serious relationship with her.
(b) He makes a superficial joke about her age.
(c) He teases her about Trahearne.
(d) He asks for money.

2. According to Selma Hinds, who died in the car accident long ago?
(a) Selma's mother.
(b) Betty Sue's husband.
(c) Selma's daughter.
(d) A pet dog.

3. What will Trahearne pay Sughrue to do?
(a) Find Torres.
(b) Investigate his mother.
(c) Keep Trahearne sober.
(d) Follow Melinda.

4. What curiosity is Trahearne obsessed about concerning Melinda?
(a) How does she make so much money?
(b) Why does she have an abdomen scar?
(c) Who is she sleeping with on her trips?
(d) Where are her parents?

5. How faithful is Melinda in her marriage to Trahearne?
(a) Consistently unfaithful.
(b) Quite faithful.
(c) She had only one affair.
(d) She tried to stay committed to him.

6. Once inside Hyland's home, what does Sughrue do for Melinda?
(a) Negotiates for her.
(b) Feeds her.
(c) Gives her a blanket.
(d) Cleans her up.

7. Why does Selma go to pieces crying when Sughrue confronts her about Betty Sue?
(a) Selma says Betty Sue/Melinda is her daughter.
(b) Selma hates confrontation.
(c) Selma says Betty Sue/Melinda is her sister.
(d) Sughrue insults Selma.

8. At the end of their romantic interlude, what do Catherine and Sughrue confess to each other?
(a) They dislike each other.
(b) They have feelings for each other.
(c) They used each other.
(d) They want to break up Melinda and Trahearne's marriage.

9. What are the terms of Sughrue and Torres's arrangement?
(a) Sughrue gets Melinda's money and Torres goes free.
(b) Sughrue is not pursued and Melinda goes free.
(c) The police will only know what happened to Hyland.
(d) Stacy will take the blame for Melinda.

10. What does Trahearne say his feelings are concerning Melinda, after he decides to help her get the money?
(a) Trahearne cannot live without her.
(b) Trahearne has grown to hate her.
(c) Trahearne loves her more than anything.
(d) Trahearne needs to settle down in life.

11. Where do Sughrue and Catherine go to sleep together?
(a) The back of a car.
(b) A hotel room.
(c) Sughrue's home.
(d) The storage closet at Sughrue's job.

12. What makes Catherine confront both Trahearne and Sughrue?
(a) The men are drinking too much.
(b) The men are helping Melinda.
(c) The men are physically fighting.
(d) The men are arguing over her.

13. What help does Stacy want from Sughrue after she wakes in the middle of the night?
(a) To take her to the hospital.
(b) To go away.
(c) To get her food.
(d) To make love to her.

14. After Sughrue finds Betty Sue, Betty Sue and Sughrue go and do what?
(a) Drink coffee.
(b) Drive around.
(c) Go on a picnic.
(d) Kiss and nothing else.

15. After Sughrue kidnaps Jackson, what does Jackson tell him about Melinda?
(a) Melinda's been kidnapped by Hyland.
(b) Melinda is an undercover cop.
(c) Melinda is not really married to Trahearne.
(d) Melinda belongs to the mob.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Catherine, who is the naked woman Trahearne was obsessed with?

2. After Trahearne leaves Sughrue's acreage in Montana, where does Sughrue work?

3. When did Trahearne become unable to write?

4. What does Catherine want to know when she arrives at Sughrue's job?

5. How does Catherine react to Sughrue after their sexual encounter?

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