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James Crumley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What occupation does Melinda have?
(a) Personal trainer.
(b) Photographer.
(c) Teacher.
(d) Sculptor.

2. Where does Sughrue find the first visitor on the list of Betty Sue's friends?
(a) His home.
(b) Church.
(c) A shopping center.
(d) The movie theater.

3. What best describes Jimmy Flowers?
(a) Caring and compassionate.
(b) Smart, irritated and busy.
(c) Ignorant and uncaring.
(d) Bitter, angry and volatile.

4. What do Trahearne and Sughrue take with them to San Francisco?
(a) Thousands of dollars.
(b) Fireball.
(c) Melinda's sculptures.
(d) A truck.

5. According to Professor Richter, what did Randall Jackson once do in San Francisco?
(a) Ran a porn store.
(b) Got arrested.
(c) Died.
(d) Fell in love and married.

6. After Sughrue finds Trahearne, what starts the fight in the bar concerning a regular patron and Sughrue?
(a) A woman sitting by the regular patron.
(b) Sughrue's inability to pay.
(c) Drunk men fighting over the pool table.
(d) Sughrue's attempts at casual conversation.

7. How does Albert Griffith respond when Sughrue mentions the possibility of Betty Sue as a porn star?
(a) He shrugs and says, "probably so."
(b) He shakes his head in sadness.
(c) Happily.
(d) Angrily.

8. What does the friendly nurse reveal about Trahearne?
(a) He has a few serious relationships with several women.
(b) He is an escaped prisoner.
(c) He runs a major corporation.
(d) He is a famous novelist and poet.

9. What does Sughrue think about Betty Sue as the novel opens?
(a) That Betty Sue doesn't want to be found.
(b) That Betty Sue is a porn star.
(c) That Betty Sue is dead.
(d) That Betty Sue is imprisoned.

10. Who does Sughrue encounter during a walk through the woods?
(a) A homeless person.
(b) Woodland creatures.
(c) Catherine.
(d) Edna.

11. Who lives with Catherine?
(a) Jackson.
(b) An escaped convict.
(c) Edna.
(d) Eight cats.

12. When Gleeson saw Betty Sue after her disappearance, what was different about her?
(a) A fake arm.
(b) Tattoos up her back.
(c) An ugly scar in the middle of her belly.
(d) Her hairstyle.

13. Where does Sughrue start to take Trahearne after they speak to Rosie?
(a) A job interview.
(b) Trahearne's home.
(c) His home in Montana.
(d) Another party.

14. After driving for nineteen hours, where does Sughrue arrive?
(a) Oregon.
(b) The Mexican border.
(c) Delaware.
(d) San Francisco.

15. Who quits running on Sughrue's first morning in Montana?
(a) Edna.
(b) Sughrue.
(c) Catherine.
(d) Trahearne.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Albert Griffith's occupation?

2. Who does Sughrue first visit on the list of Betty Sue's friends?

3. What has Betty Sue's father revealed to Peggy?

4. What does the owner of the commune reveal about Betty Sue?

5. Where was Betty Sue when she called Jimmy?

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