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James Crumley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Trahearne and Sughrue take with them to San Francisco?
(a) Fireball.
(b) A truck.
(c) Thousands of dollars.
(d) Melinda's sculptures.

2. How does Albert Griffith feel about Betty Sue, even after marriage and fathering two kids?
(a) He wants to befriend her.
(b) He questions leaving her.
(c) He is desperately in love with her.
(d) He wishes never to see her again.

3. What is C.W. Sughrue's occupation?
(a) Writer.
(b) Doctor.
(c) Nurse.
(d) Private investigator.

4. How many years did it take Betty Sue to call Jimmy?
(a) She's never contacted him.
(b) Four or five years.
(c) A decade.
(d) A day.

5. How did Sughrue make a living in San Francisco after his discharge from the military?
(a) Cooking in a bar.
(b) Managing an office.
(c) Running a gym.
(d) Hunting down runaways.

6. What best describes Melinda the first time Sughrue sees her?
(a) Gracious and rough-handed.
(b) Cruel and placating.
(c) Kind and slow.
(d) Indecisive and manipulative.

7. What does the friendly nurse reveal about Trahearne?
(a) He is a famous novelist and poet.
(b) He runs a major corporation.
(c) He is an escaped prisoner.
(d) He has a few serious relationships with several women.

8. What did Betty Sue want to do when she called Jimmy?
(a) Leave the commune.
(b) Travel the world.
(c) Get married.
(d) Go to college.

9. What did Sughure do after Vietnam that many other soldiers did as well?
(a) Applied for jobs.
(b) Became homeless.
(c) Tried to disappear into the drug scene in San Francisco.
(d) Tried to get back into the military.

10. Why did Sughrue quit the line of work he started in San Francisco?
(a) Sughrue wanted a new outlook on life.
(b) Sughrue disliked the mundane work.
(c) Sughrue found a butchered fourteen-year-old boy.
(d) Sughrue hated breaking up fights.

11. What does Sughrue recall about his torture technique and his discharge from Vietnam?
(a) He made one of them up.
(b) They occurred within days of each other.
(c) His plans to escape using the techniques.
(d) An officer taught the techniques to him.

12. When Gleeson saw Betty Sue after her disappearance, what was different about her?
(a) Her hairstyle.
(b) Tattoos up her back.
(c) A fake arm.
(d) An ugly scar in the middle of her belly.

13. When Betty Sue disappeared, how did Albert Griffith react?
(a) He searched for her for years.
(b) He never thought of her again.
(c) He entered a deep depression.
(d) He cared but didn't know what to do.

14. Who lives with Catherine?
(a) Eight cats.
(b) Edna.
(c) Jackson.
(d) An escaped convict.

15. What activity do Rosie and Sughrue partake in to calm themselves after the police questioning?
(a) Making love.
(b) Smoking.
(c) Sleeping.
(d) Drinking.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who quits running on Sughrue's first morning in Montana?

2. What does Peggy say Betty Sue is capable of?

3. What is Melinda's life story, as Melinda tells Sughrue?

4. How does Betty Sue behave in the porn Sughrue sees?

5. What does the person in the woods bully Sughrue into doing for his/her benefit?

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