Objects & Places from The Last Good Kiss

James Crumley
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Rosie's Bar

This place is where Sughrue's search for Trahearne ends and his search for Betty Sue begins.

San Francisco

This is where many characters escape to, but actually experience abuse and pain there.

Betty Sue's Picture

This object identifies one of the people the private investigator must find.

The Porn Film

This object provides clues for one of the investigations.

Cauldron Springs

This place is in Montana and is built around a hotel.

Trahearne's Ranch

This place has a studio and is just outside Cauldron Springs.

Edna and Catherine's Home

This place is a large house.

Melinda's Sculptures

These objects are pieces of work that symbolize their maker's life.

Sughrue's Acreage

This place is a few hours away from Cauldron Springs where many characters take refuge.

The Hotel in Cauldron Springs/the Pool

This place is purchased in an attempt to take over the town.

Trahearne's Writing

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