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Short Answer Questions

1. Who suggests that a war council would have helped prevent the first failed attempt on attacking Lee's center?

2. Who sends a communication to Grant, informing him that the enemy is advancing on the Orange Turnpike?

3. Who attempts to resign leadership but is denied after Gettysburg?

4. Who is in charge of the Confederate forces?

5. Who is the President of the Federal forces?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Shaara powerfully build up to Stuart's death, reinforcing a good versus evil theme?

2. Where does the novel commence?

3. When Chamberlain recovers in bed, what does he contemplate about the war?

4. How do troops on both sides of the war reveal their similarities through bartering?

5. When Hancock says, "The soldiers have seen something new, a new horror, a new way to die. They have seen the face of hell," what does he imply about fire and fighting?

6. What is the important lesson that Lincoln learns from Gettsyburg regarding Federal soldiers?

7. What does Chamberlain find absurd yet necessary about desertion in the army?

8. How does Shaara describe Lee viewing his defeated army from his horse?

9. Who is General Sedgwick and how does he die?

10. How does Shaara effectively change the mood of Chapter 1 from despair to some possibility for hope?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Politics play a significant role in the book. Shaara refers to the politics of both sides of the Civil War. Discuss the use of politics in the novel. How does politics influence the actions of the main characters of Lee, Grant, Sherman, and others? Also examine the use of politics in relationships.

Essay Topic 2

Explain the role of women in the rural South in the 1840s when the women in "The Last Full Measure" are living their lives. What precedents do they feel compelled to follow? What restrictions do they have? What freedoms did they have that 21st century women do not have?

Essay Topic 3

Shaara uses some important instances of foreshadowing in "The Last Full Measure". Explain what foreshadowing is and cite at least two examples making sure to explain what makes each an example of foreshadowing.

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