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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How far apart are Lee's soldiers fter the failed attempt to implement Gordon's plan?
(a) 10 feet.
(b) 9 feet.
(c) 12 feet.
(d) 6 feet.

2. What is the new technology in 1913 that Chamberlain experiences that is so different from the Civil War?
(a) An automobile.
(b) A computer.
(c) A train.
(d) A plane.

3. Who does Lee admire as the irst President of the United States?
(a) Washington.
(b) Grant.
(c) Clay.
(d) Jackson.

4. What is the luxury item that Grant has for dessert with his troops?
(a) Sugary dates.
(b) Plums.
(c) Licorice.
(d) Chocolate.

5. Who receives orders from Sheridan to move his forces forward from Saylor's Creek to Appomattox?
(a) Chamberlain.
(b) Lee.
(c) Stuart.
(d) Grant.

6. Where does Lee move after the Civil War has ended?
(a) Norfolk.
(b) Atlanta.
(c) Lexington.
(d) Charleston.

7. Which officials, consisting of the vice president, assistant secretary of war, and president of the senate, visit Lincoln?
(a) Economist.
(b) Anarchist.
(c) Confederate.
(d) Union.

8. What landing do the Federal forces' heavy artillery and supply wagons take a route to after Cold Harbor?
(a) Shenandoah.
(b) Lewis.
(c) Sister Veil.
(d) Wyannoke.

9. Near what town does Lee camp out with his nephew, remaining troops, and Longstreet?
(a) Saylor's Creek.
(b) Lover's Lane.
(c) Appomattox.
(d) Filo Creek.

10. Who tells Grant that he would have been willing to allow slavery?
(a) Lincoln.
(b) Lee.
(c) Stuart.
(d) Sorrel.

11. What is the surrender ceremony full of?
(a) Violence.
(b) Shooting.
(c) Emotion.
(d) Celebration.

12. What do Lee's men begin to abandon, revealing their loss of morale?
(a) Their uniforms.
(b) Their boots.
(c) Their hats.
(d) Their muskets.

13. Who orders Chamberlain to take out the Confederate artillery?
(a) Griffin.
(b) Meade.
(c) Lee.
(d) Sorrel.

14. What is lacking in Meade's troops that Grant says he is used to but surprises Meade when they meet?
(a) Coordination.
(b) Diligence.
(c) Hard work.
(d) Strength.

15. Who is captured by Confederate troops but pulls off a ruse?
(a) Gordon.
(b) Sherman.
(c) Sorrel.
(d) Chamberlain.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mark Twain's profession that introduces him to former Civil War generals?

2. Who is nominated for a second term as President?

3. The Civil War was about the states' right to _____ from the Union.

4. What army can be split and defeated if Lee can make a rail line that would take his army southward?

5. Who does Grant send to gain control of the Shenandoah Valley and prevent Lee from moving north?

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