The Last Full Measure Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Shaara offer an Introduction to "The Last Full Measure"?

Shaara offers an Introduction to tie in the novel with the other two books in the trilogy so that the reader can follow through without confusion.

2. How does Shaara reveal who the significant characters of "The Last Full Measure" are?

The significant characters of "The Last Full Measure" are Robert Edward Lee, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and Ulysses Simpson Grant. Shaara reveals this through brief biographies of each.

3. Where does the novel commence?

The starting point of the novel is just ten days after the major defeat of Lee's army at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863.

4. What does Shaara offer immediately to the reader in the introduction that foreshadows the conflicts to come?

At the opening point of the novel, July 13, 1863, the military careers of Lee, Chamberlain, and Grant had advanced to where these three men are the primary commanders in the story. The use of foreshadowing gives a clear impression that the commanders are ready for their most significant action, which is ending the terrible conflict.

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