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The battle at this location turns the Civil War in favor of the North.

Bristoe Station

A.P. Hill attempts to attack Chamberlain at this location.

The Wilderness

The fight in this area becomes a draw.


The Federals break through the Mule Shoe at this location.

North Anna River

Lee sets up a V shaped defense on the southern side of this location.

James River

At this location, the Federal artillery and supply wagons cross on a long pontoon bridge while the army crosses farther upstream.

Fort Stedman

General Gordon attempts to take control of this area and turn the cannons on the Federals.

Gravely Run

Chamberlain pushes the Confederates westward across this region.

Five Forks

The battle at this location results in the Federals pushing the Confederates away from the area that is part of Lee's critical supply line.


Lee tries to defend this...

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