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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stibbons yearn to create?

2. What is a billybong?

3. What does Ridcully tell them to do?

4. What weapon does Rincewind grab when the Watch shows up?

5. Why does UU exist?

Short Essay Questions

1. What few simple pleasures does Rincewind enjoy at the dry waterhole?

2. What do the wizards experience other than becoming the age of children?

3. Why do the wizards question Stibbons' intentions on Mono Island and what do they hope he might accomplish?

4. What problems is the God of Evolution experiencing and what offer does Stibbons make?

5. What does Rincewind notice about the Roo Beer poster and how does it help him during the sheep shearing contest?

6. What happens when the warden and the watchmen arrive at the Opera House?

7. What is at first lost and then returns to the wizards from the boat and how is this helpful to the wizards?

8. Where does the Bursar go, and what does he see?

9. What tales does Crocodile Dongo regale Rincewind with?

10. Where does Rincewind hide next, and what basic concept is he at first unable to comprehend?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How many Creators are represented in this novel? Who are they? Where are they found? What is each one credited with creating and where?

Essay Topic 2

Which characters are vital to the restoration of Fourecks? What roles do each of them play and where? How does the author manage to draw parallels between Fourecks and Earth? What are the similarities?

Essay Topic 3

Although Rincewind finds a place where he seems to belong, he doesn't stay there. Suggest reasons for this. Which characters come back from the earlier parts of the novels to attempt to convince him to stay? What kinds of lives do they offer him if he does so?

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