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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does everything change?
(a) When they capsize.
(b) When the storm stops.
(c) When magic is used.
(d) When the boat disintegrates.

2. Who eliminates the watchmen's threat?
(a) The Luggage.
(b) Ridcully.
(c) Rincewind.
(d) Neilette.

3. Where does Neilette lead Rincewind?
(a) Into the old grainery.
(b) Into the woods.
(c) Into the old brewery.
(d) Into the old cannery.

4. What is the normal sheep shearing rate?
(a) Thirty sheep an hour.
(b) Forty sheep an hour.
(c) Fifty sheep an hour.
(d) Twenty five sheep an hour.

5. What does Rincewind witness?
(a) The arrival of Spring.
(b) Someone trying to steal a sheep.
(c) Scrappy's return.
(d) The birth of an oasis.

6. What does Stibbons volunteer to do?
(a) Handle the boat.
(b) Cast a spell.
(c) Create a new species.
(d) Become the God of Evolution's assistant.

7. What is a billybong?
(a) A sheep shearing pen.
(b) A hookah pipe.
(c) A gourd.
(d) A watering hole.

8. How many sheep does Rincewind shear in two minutes?
(a) Ten.
(b) Forty.
(c) Twenty.
(d) Thirty.

9. What puzzles the wizards on Mono Island?
(a) The fact that Stibbons wants to stay.
(b) How history might be altered.
(c) Why there were no pancakes for breakfast.
(d) How complex life forms are.

10. Why does Rincewind string corks to his hat?
(a) To keep the flies away from his face.
(b) To keep them for later.
(c) To make sure his hat floats.
(d) To distract people he talks to.

11. Who are Neilette and Darleen?
(a) Female impersonators.
(b) Wives of wizards.
(c) Caterers.
(d) Twin sisters.

12. What special distinction does Rincewind share with Tinhead Ned?
(a) He is given beer with dinner.
(b) He is clapped in irons.
(c) He is saluted with brandy.
(d) He is given the best suite.

13. What does it turn into?
(a) A cow.
(b) A ram.
(c) A horse.
(d) A princess.

14. Why does the God of Evolution become vexed?
(a) Mrs. Whitlow refuses to discuss how reproduction happens.
(b) Stibbons refuses to navigate the Melon Boat.
(c) The elephants are the only thing that functions.
(d) The wizards refuse to go.

15. What is the dessert named?
(a) Peach Nellie.
(b) Blueberry Tessie.
(c) Raspberry Mellie.
(d) Strawberry Bettie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What warning does Stibbons give the wizards?

2. What does Daggy offer Rincewind?

3. What is the last thing Stibbons remembers when he wakes up?

4. What happens to Rincewind after he witnesses this event?

5. Where does Stibbons go while the others are provisioning the Melon Boat?

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