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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What appears on the back of the shearing shed?
(a) A God.
(b) A kangaroo.
(c) A cow.
(d) A horse.

2. What is the name of the street vending family operating across Discworld?
(a) Dibbler.
(b) Riddler.
(c) Biddler.
(d) Liddler.

3. What do the wizards debate when they regroup?
(a) The inevitability of finding food.
(b) The whereabouts of Rincewind.
(c) The way to make a new boat.
(d) The use of magic to get home.

4. What makes the Dean want to die?
(a) His inability to use magic.
(b) His fear of water.
(c) The ferocity of the storm at sea.
(d) His long time away from home.

5. Where do the Wizards find themselves?
(a) In a gravel pit.
(b) Sliding down a mountain of water.
(c) In a sea cave.
(d) In Bugarup.

6. Where does Neilette lead Rincewind?
(a) Into the woods.
(b) Into the old grainery.
(c) Into the old cannery.
(d) Into the old brewery.

7. What does Rincewind get served for dinner?
(a) Mutton in mint sauce.
(b) Meat pie in pea soup.
(c) Veal scallopini.
(d) Beef stroganoff.

8. What is Rincewind asked to do while he waits for morning?
(a) Write a song.
(b) Document his life.
(c) Plan an escape.
(d) Create a story.

9. What does Rincewind feel coming on?
(a) A spell.
(b) Scrappy.
(c) A Famous Last Stand.
(d) A storm.

10. What do the wizards cling to as they head to shore?
(a) Seed pods.
(b) Pieces of boat.
(c) Tree branches.
(d) The sail.

11. What does the old black man do that amuses the Bursar?
(a) Makes a house.
(b) Draws pictures in the sand that come to life.
(c) Creates a boat.
(d) Creates food.

12. What does Remorse provide Rincewind that has always passed him by at UU?
(a) Potatoes.
(b) Companionship.
(c) Sheep.
(d) Beer.

13. What color is the ground?
(a) Brown.
(b) Yellow.
(c) Green.
(d) Red.

14. How many sheep does Rincewind shear in two minutes?
(a) Thirty.
(b) Forty.
(c) Ten.
(d) Twenty.

15. Who is the Prima Dona?
(a) Dame Mellie Lutt.
(b) Dame Nellie Butt.
(c) Dame Tessie Mutt.
(d) Dame Bettie Nutt.

Short Answer Questions

1. What message is Rincewind given?

2. Who joins them at the last moment, swimming out to meet them?

3. What chases Mrs. Whitlow to shore?

4. What happens to Rincewind after he witnesses this event?

5. What puzzles the wizards on Mono Island?

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