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John Hart
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Short Answer Questions

1. With whom does Johnny's mother have an affair?

2. In what state does the story take place?

3. In Chapter 16, Hunt learns that the fingerprint on David Wilson's eyelid is that of ____________________.

4. In Chapter 15, Hunt checks with Yoakum on the progress of prints from _______________________.

5. What type of vehicle was Alyssa pulled into on the day she disappeared?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why will the Department of Social Services want to speak to Katherine?

2. For what reason is Levi largely suspected in the abductions?

3. Why does Katherine dispose of her Vicodin and other medications?

4. What is Levi doing when Johnny and Jack come upon him in the woods?

5. Why is Levi the chief suspect in the deaths of his wife and her lover and why does the chief not believe that Levi's little daughter is missing?

6. What are Hunt's true reasons for his obsession with the Alyssa Merrimon case and why does he especially dislike Ken Holloway?

7. Why does Johnny refuse to pray with his mother when she asks?

8. What are some of the fears that Hunt experiences in both his personal and professional lives?

9. What happens when Johnny awakens from a nap under a bridge?

10. What does Johnny do when Ken muscles him out of putting his mother to bed when returning home from the riverbank crime scene?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Project into the future ten years and write a brief synopsis for the lives of Johnny, Jack, Detective Hunt, Allen and Katherine. Be sure to include emotional states as well as physical characteristics, geographic locations, work, hobbies, socialization, etc.

Essay Topic 2

Describe the overall setting for the book. Why does Hart use the setting he does? What is the time period of the story? How important is the time period to the attitudes and issues of the characters?

Essay Topic 3

"The Last Child" is a classic example of a coming-of-age story. What does that classification entail? Why does this book fit into this category?

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