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John Hart
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Officer Taylor see on the sofa in Holloway's house?
(a) Blood stains.
(b) Newspapers.
(c) Two dogs.
(d) Lines of cocaine.

2. How did Levi's finger get infected?
(a) When he cut it on a rusty saw.
(b) From a hoe on the work crew.
(c) When a splinter from the old shovel entered the skin.
(d) When Johnny bit him.

3. Johnny tells Levi that Levi needs _____________________.
(a) surgery.
(b) antibiotics.
(c) clean bandages.
(d) fluids.

4. What had fallen into the shaft prior to the body?
(a) The wagon.
(b) The dog.
(c) The bicycle.
(d) The soccer ball.

5. How does Meechum destroy his computer?
(a) Pours acid on it.
(b) Beats it with a ball bat.
(c) Plunges it into a tub of water.
(d) Smashes it with an ax.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hunt think that Cross put in David Wilson's wrecked car?

2. Who is Meechum?

3. Which of the following is NOT something Yoakum warns Hunt about regarding Hunt's involvement with Katherine and Johnny?

4. Hunt and Yoakum have to meet with state investigators from _______________ when they go to work the next day.

5. Why can Katherine and Johnny not go back home right away?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Yoakum think that Hunt's involvement in the Merrimon case be harmful for several reasons?

2. How does fear drive Yoakum to shoot Meechum and Johnny to stalk Levi?

3. What reason does Hunt give Yoakum for why Officer Cross probably killed David Wilson?

4. What is the cause of Levi's infected finger and why does he try to strangle Jack?

5. What information does Dr. Trenton Moore give to Hunt that clears Hunt in Levi's killing?

6. What items are discovered with Spencer Merrimon's remains?

7. Why does Levi say he carried his daughter's coffin to the remote spot in the woods?

8. Describe the scene in which Johnny returns home to find his mother abused by Holloway and Holloway's resulting death.

9. Why did Officer Cross forbid anyone to speak of Alyssa's death?

10. Describe the encounter between Officer Taylor and the traumatized young woman at Ken Holloway's house.

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