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John Hart
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Officer Taylor finds a nineteen-year-old woman dressed in a ________________ costume in Holloway's house.
(a) police officer's.
(b) maid's.
(c) nurse's.
(d) schoolgirl's.

2. What does Officer Taylor hear when she arrives at Ken Holloway's house?
(a) A loud stereo.
(b) A woman crying.
(c) Gunshots.
(d) Dogs barking.

3. Why did Levi walk off his work detail?
(a) To kill his girlfriend.
(b) He said Satan told him to go.
(c) To take his daughter for burial in family lands.
(d) He could not take the confinement any longer.

4. Hunt shows an autopsy photo of _________________ to Johnny to confirm that he is the man Johnny saw with Jarvis.
(a) Levi.
(b) Meechum.
(c) Cross.
(d) Ken.

5. What is found in Spencer Merrimon's pocket?
(a) A map.
(b) A locket.
(c) A receipt.
(d) A drawing made by Alyssa.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who told Jack where Alyssa is?

2. Johnny thought the man in #174 was a cop because ________________________.

3. What does Johnny tell Jack about Levi in Chapter 44?

4. What does Hunt want to find on a map of Raven County?

5. Which of the following is NOT someone the police chief thinks were involved in the murders?

Short Essay Questions

1. What reason does Hunt give Yoakum for why Officer Cross probably killed David Wilson?

2. Who tips off Meechum to destroy the computer and child pornography items?

3. How do Hunt and Yoakum realize that Steve is not the security guard they are looking for?

4. What information does Dr. Trenton Moore give to Hunt that clears Hunt in Levi's killing?

5. What do the firefighters find in the mine shaft?

6. What item found with his remains indicates that Spencer Merrimon may have been close to identifying the child abductors?

7. Who does Hunt learn is the first body unearthed at Jarvis' house?

8. How do Hunt and Yoakum reach the conclusion that the man who Johnny saw with Jarvis was a security guard?

9. Why did Officer Cross forbid anyone to speak of Alyssa's death?

10. What does Jack reveal about the truth of how Alyssa died in the mine shaft?

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