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John Hart
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT something Yoakum warns Hunt about regarding Hunt's involvement with Katherine and Johnny?
(a) It could be explosive in the media.
(b) Hunt could be fired.
(c) It could undermine Hunt's credibility.
(d) Katherine will expect him to marry her.

2. Who kills Holloway?
(a) Hunt.
(b) Jack.
(c) Levi.
(d) Johnny.

3. Why did Levi walk off his work detail?
(a) He said Satan told him to go.
(b) To take his daughter for burial in family lands.
(c) To kill his girlfriend.
(d) He could not take the confinement any longer.

4. What does Johnny tell Jack about Levi in Chapter 44?
(a) He has dug two graves during the night.
(b) He has run away during the night.
(c) He has taken the keys.
(d) He thinks he is dying.

5. How did Gerald scare Alyssa?
(a) He tapped on her bedroom window every night.
(b) The noise and bright lights of his new truck.
(c) He followed her home from school.
(d) He called and just breathed into the phone.

Short Answer Questions

1. To what do the firefighters hook their ropes?

2. Why does Hunt arrest Cross?

3. Where does Hunt stop on the way home in Chapter 39?

4. What does Hunt ask Allen when he awakens him at home?

5. What does Levi pour over his wounds?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who tips off Meechum to destroy the computer and child pornography items?

2. What item found with his remains indicates that Spencer Merrimon may have been close to identifying the child abductors?

3. How do Hunt and Yoakum reach the conclusion that the man who Johnny saw with Jarvis was a security guard?

4. Describe the scene in which Hunt and Yoakum are ordered to surrender their revolvers and why Yoakum is taken to state headquarters in Raleigh for questioning.

5. Why do Hunt and Yoakum think that Johnny believes that a cop was involved with Jarvis?

6. Describe the encounter between Officer Taylor and the traumatized young woman at Ken Holloway's house.

7. What does Cross reveal about Hunt's son's part in the murder cover-up and how does Hunt address the situation?

8. Who does Hunt learn is the first body unearthed at Jarvis' house?

9. Describe the scene at Meechum's house when Hunt and Yoakum enter and how Meechum is killed.

10. What reason does Hunt give Yoakum for why Officer Cross probably killed David Wilson?

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