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John Hart
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 45, the police chief tells Hunt that ___________________ is a prime suspect in the murders.
(a) Ken.
(b) Steve.
(c) Yoakum.
(d) Johnny.

2. Where do Jack and Johnny take Levi to be safe while Johnny goes for help?
(a) Jarvis' shed.
(b) A cellar.
(c) An old barn.
(d) An abandoned house.

3. What does Officer Taylor hear when she arrives at Ken Holloway's house?
(a) Dogs barking.
(b) A loud stereo.
(c) A woman crying.
(d) Gunshots.

4. Who is Jack's brother?
(a) Will.
(b) Brady.
(c) Gerald.
(d) Mike.

5. Whose body does Levi need to bury?
(a) His wife's.
(b) His daughter's.
(c) His son's.
(d) His friend's.

6. What does Officer Taylor see on the sofa in Holloway's house?
(a) Two dogs.
(b) Blood stains.
(c) Lines of cocaine.
(d) Newspapers.

7. Hunt speculates that maybe Alyssa _________________________.
(a) ran away from home.
(b) was killed while hitchhiking.
(c) was not abducted.
(d) was playing a disappearing game.

8. What does the person in #169 tell Cross as he points the pistol at him?
(a) It's your fault.
(b) Her murder is on your head.
(c) I hate you.
(d) You're going to burn in hell.

9. A shell with __________________ fingerprints was found inside the wreckage of David Wilson's car.
(a) Yoakum's.
(b) Meechum's.
(c) Hunt's.
(d) Levi's.

10. What is Katherine's situation when Johnny returns home?
(a) She is tied to her bed with scarves.
(b) Her body is suspended with ropes.
(c) She is tied to a chair with ropes.
(d) Her hands are tied behind her back with wire.

11. Why can Katherine and Johnny not go back home right away?
(a) The power is off.
(b) Someone has broken the windows.
(c) There is no water.
(d) The house is a crime scene.

12. Steve's description of Meechum __________________________.
(a) matches that written by Johnny.
(b) is pretty close.
(c) is really exaggerated.
(d) is right on target.

13. Yoakum and Hunt think that a likely reason Johnny thinks a cop was involved with Jarvis is ____________________.
(a) because the handcuffs were police equipment.
(b) because a badge was found near Jarvis' shed.
(c) because he saw a police car at Jarvis' shack.
(d) because the man wore a uniform.

14. What does Johnny see in the front yard of his house when he arrives in Chapter 53?
(a) Ken's smashed SUV.
(b) A police cruiser.
(c) A crew of reporters.
(d) Detective Hunt's car.

15. What is Levi's answer when Johnny asks him where Alyssa is?
(a) At the mall.
(b) In Jarvis' cellar.
(c) At Hush Arbors.
(d) He doesn't know.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is notable about Steve and two other security guards when Yoakum and Hunt push their way into the mall security office?

2. Johnny is placed in foster care for how long?

3. What name did Holloway call the girl at his house?

4. Johnny thought the man in #174 was a cop because ________________________.

5. Hunt and Yoakum have to meet with state investigators from _______________ when they go to work the next day.

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