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John Hart
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is listed in the book Johnny has in his pocket?
(a) Girls who have rejected him.
(b) Local sex offenders.
(c) Alyssa's poems.
(d) His father's address.

2. Ken Holloway receives a phone call telling him that _______________________.
(a) his sister has been in a car accident.
(b) a window in his house has been broken.
(c) the alarm at his house is going off.
(d) his car has been vandalized.

3. Holloway rents a house to Katherine for _____________ per month.
(a) $1,000.
(b) $1.
(c) $1250.
(d) $675.

4. What does Hunt hear just as he is ready to pull away from the Merrimon house?
(a) A gunshot.
(b) Dogs barking.
(c) A window shattering.
(d) Two screams.

5. Why does Hunt arrest Holloway?
(a) For breaking and entering.
(b) For assaulting an officer.
(c) For kidnapping.
(d) For robbery.

6. Where does Johnny want Jack to go with him in Chapter 10?
(a) The video arcade.
(b) A movie.
(c) Out to look for the child killer.
(d) Bowling.

7. Why does Hunt give Katherine and Johnny a ride home from the crime scene?
(a) She is distraught.
(b) She is intoxicated.
(c) It is really cold.
(d) Her car broke down.

8. Why are police dogs brought into Levi's house?
(a) To locate Tiffany Shore.
(b) To locate Alyssa.
(c) To find Levi.
(d) To find drugs.

9. Holloway tells Hunt that Johnny has broken a window in his house _______________ times.
(a) three.
(b) two.
(c) five.
(d) six.

10. What does Levi's probation officer tell Hunt about Levi?
(a) It is highly possible that Levi could commit murder.
(b) When it comes to bad tempers, Levi's is murderous.
(c) There is no way Levi could have killed anyone.
(d) Levi was a suspect in a murder case ten years ago.

11. Which of the following does NOT describe Johnny?
(a) He works on engines.
(b) He distrusts adults.
(c) He skips school.
(d) He double-checks locks on doors.

12. What does Johnny decide to investigate at Jarvis' house?
(a) A locked shed.
(b) The attic.
(c) His basement.
(d) A cellar.

13. Who is Johnny's father?
(a) Phil.
(b) Eddie.
(c) Dave.
(d) Spencer.

14. What does Johnny stop to pick up as he drives his mother's car to Ken Holloway's house?
(a) A huge rock.
(b) A hitchhiker.
(c) A newspaper.
(d) A burger and fries.

15. How much does the man in #24 weigh?
(a) 210 pounds.
(b) 300 pounds.
(c) 135 pounds.
(d) 175 pounds.

Short Answer Questions

1. Hunt tells Levi's probation officer that there are _______________ murder victims connected to Levi.

2. Why does Holloway return to the Merrimon house in Chapter 13?

3. What type of vehicle was Alyssa pulled into on the day she disappeared?

4. What do Johnny and Ken fight about at Johnny's house?

5. What was used as a murder weapon to kill the people in #59?

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