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Short Answer Questions

1. Conway's mentor(s) found him to be which type of student?

2. Only through constant focus can one become __________________.

3. Which of the following was not mentioned as something that had been damaged by the storm?

4. What type of horse did Conway borrow from a neighbor?

5. Conway questions if he might be ___________ when it comes to contracts.

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Gilbert describe the evolution of man's progress on the continent?

2. Who was Chief Johnson? Why was he important to the Conway family?

3. What did Conway notice when he took in some young boys that had no real direction?

4. Discuss the formation of the Long Riders. Where did the group go?

5. What was the reason behind denying Karen the opportunity to take over for her father?

6. What happened to cause the relationship to end?

7. Conway makes reference to Walt Whitman regarding nature. What is the quote and what does it mean?

8. Describe a typical day in the lives of the Long Riders.

9. Explain the relationship between Conway and Ashley.

10. Discuss Conway's first trip on horseback.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Conway spent time during college learning how to better cope with the weather in addition to sharpening his hunting skills. What do you think prompted Conway to do these things? Why would Conway need to sharpen these skills if he had already spent so much time in the outdoors? Do you think something had changed? What animals and terrain would Conway typically face on a routine basis? Are any of the animals unusual or exotic? What is the weather in that area of the state? Explain the seasons. How might the conditions be different if Conway had been in a low lying area? How has the area changed since the founding of Turtle Island Preserve?

Essay Topic 2

Write a 1000 word essay on Turtle Island Preserve. Include the site's history and information on Conway but focus mainly on the statistics of the site, the programs offered there, its success rate, etc. What are Conway's goals? Have those goals been changed, met or exceeded? Where do you think Turtle Preserve will be 5 -10 years from now? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Why do you think people are unable to absorb Conway's message? Do you think that people are too busy or simply aren't interested? What could Conway do to capture the interest of the people who are not typically inclined to think about or try to preserve nature? Write a speech from Conway's point of view geared toward those people who might be hard to convince that nature is vital to our survival.

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