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Short Answer Questions

1. Reckford compares manual labor to which of the following __________________.

2. Dave was putting in _____ hours per day at the preserve.

3. What does Conway refer to as being a "newborn piece of fire?"

4. What type of program did Conway start?

5. Conway discusses which aisle in the grocery store?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss Conway's first trip on horseback.

2. Conway thought he had finally found the woman of his dreams in Patience. Who was Patience?

3. Examine the concept and rules of Camp Sequoyah.

4. Discuss the formation of the Long Riders. Where did the group go?

5. Who was Hobo? What was his importance in Conway's life? What tragedy took place to end the relationship?

6. How does Gilbert describe the evolution of man's progress on the continent?

7. Describe the scene that opens chapter 9.

8. Discuss the family life of the Chief.

9. Why does Conway become disenchanted with his work at Turtle Island?

10. Why did Gilbert consider it odd that Conway owned ten horses on such a small parcel of land?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is it about Eustace Conway that causes everyone to stop and take notice, from rowdy teenagers to drug dealers? What about Conway's demeanor is different than the demeanor of most people? Why are people typically fascinated by Conway? Explain the relationship between Conway and David Reckford.

Essay Topic 2

Although the Conways were extremely upset, Camp Sequoyah was effectively abandoned after Chief Johnson died. Do you think the same thing will happen to Turtle Island? Who might take over after Conway dies? Do you think Conway would ever retire? If Conway was to hand over the preserve to another person, who would it be? Does Gilbert have any affiliation with Turtle Island or Conway? If no one person can or will take over Turtle Island, what might happen to it? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Why do you think people are unable to absorb Conway's message? Do you think that people are too busy or simply aren't interested? What could Conway do to capture the interest of the people who are not typically inclined to think about or try to preserve nature? Write a speech from Conway's point of view geared toward those people who might be hard to convince that nature is vital to our survival.

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