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Short Answer Questions

1. How old was Mrs. Conway when she took the silver flute passage?

2. How many cassette tapes did Conway buy to use on the cross country journey?

3. In which year did Conway buy the first parcel of land for the preserve?

4. Conway lived with people of which culture?

5. Which of the following was not something taught to Conway while he lived outside the country?

Short Essay Questions

1. Gilbert discusses the history of the American frontier. Examine at least two of the most important items discussed by Gilbert.

2. Discuss the pros and cons of Conway's blossoming celebrity.

3. How old was Conway when he set out on his own for the first time?

4. What influence did Karen Conway have over the reconciliation of Little Eustace and Big Eustace?

5. What does Gilbert say about Conway's journey to find the primitive people in Guatemala? How did Conway find the people?

6. What aspect of Turtle Island Preserve was most difficult for Conway?

7. What activities did Conway take part in before and during his college career?

8. What caused the relationship between Little Eustace and Big Eustace to be healed, even if only marginally?

9. Conway had little to no money when he returned to North Carolina. Discuss Conway's plan.

10. Discuss Conway's foray into life as a naturalist. How did Conway learn the necessary skills?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write a 1000 word essay on Turtle Island Preserve. Include the site's history and information on Conway but focus mainly on the statistics of the site, the programs offered there, its success rate, etc. What are Conway's goals? Have those goals been changed, met or exceeded? Where do you think Turtle Preserve will be 5 -10 years from now? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast the Schiele Museum of Natural History in North Carolina with two other similar museums. Try to choose at least one in your region. Discuss exhibits, education, and other offerings in the museums' various programs.

Essay Topic 3

Conway openly admits to putting on an act of the wild mountain man to get attention. Do you think this behavior tarnishes Conway's reputation? Explain. Also explain how Conway tends to respond to those people. Write out a scenario in which Conway is confronted, negatively and/or positively regarding his unusual behavior.

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