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Short Answer Questions

1. Conway lived with which tribe in Mexico?

2. In what state was Conway born and raised?

3. Conway eventually set a world record for which of the following activities?

4. How long did Conway struggle to gain a particular piece of land vital to the success of Turtle Island?

5. How old was Mrs. Conway when she took the silver flute passage?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Gilbert's observation about Conway's life at Turtle Island and the message he often fails to deliver?

2. Conway makes reference to Walt Whitman regarding nature. What is the quote and what does it mean?

3. Who is Isabella Bird? Why was she fascinated by the stereotypical American man?

4. Why did visitors find the American man to be so fascinating?

5. Where was Conway born and raised? In what kind of atmosphere did Conway live?

6. Examine the incident in which Conway impressed Professor Clawson.

7. How does Gilbert describe the evolution of man's progress on the continent?

8. What happened to Conway's relationship with Donna at this time?

9. What happened to cause the relationship to end?

10. Why did Gilbert consider it odd that Conway owned ten horses on such a small parcel of land?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Camp Sequoyah was an iconic part of the Johnson/Conway family history. Discuss Camp Sequoyah. What was the general public opinion of the camp? Who worked there? What type of person or group attended the camp? How long was the average stay? What was learned/taught at the camp? What were the Chief's rules? Did any of the Johnson or Conway family members ever work there? What was the relationship between Chief Johnson and his children and grandchildren? What was Little Eustace's opinion of his grandfather and the camp? What happened after the Chief died? Who was put in charge of the camp? Does the camp still exist?

Essay Topic 2

It is clear that Conway has a deep love of nature and its preservation. There is a sense of wildness in nature that eludes some civilized aspect of man. Write a 1000 word essay on the lack of "civilized" behavior in the wilderness and how one may adapt. Discuss how the lack of human contact has affected Conway. Why do you think Conway prefers nature to city life? What were the first signs of Conway's preferences? How did Conway's parents react to their son's needs and ambitions? Also examine how you would react if you lived for a week or a month in Conway's shoes.

Essay Topic 3

Conway spent time during college learning how to better cope with the weather in addition to sharpening his hunting skills. What do you think prompted Conway to do these things? Why would Conway need to sharpen these skills if he had already spent so much time in the outdoors? Do you think something had changed? What animals and terrain would Conway typically face on a routine basis? Are any of the animals unusual or exotic? What is the weather in that area of the state? Explain the seasons. How might the conditions be different if Conway had been in a low lying area? How has the area changed since the founding of Turtle Island Preserve?

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