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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which is not one of the places mentioned as one being traveled by Dave?
(a) Cuba.
(b) Europe.
(c) Japan.
(d) America.

2. Gilbert refers to Conway as being a type of a(n) ________________.
(a) Visionary.
(b) Method Man.
(c) Anarchist.
(d) Architect.

3. Which horse had a rock stuck in his hoof?
(a) Jeb.
(b) Jungles.
(c) Goldie.
(d) Spur.

4. What was the name of Conway's first horse?
(a) Delilah.
(b) Bonnie.
(c) Samson.
(d) Clyde.

5. Conway was concerned about how his horse might react when he saw the ____________.
(a) Coyote.
(b) Fire.
(c) Bridge.
(d) Canyon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Reckford compares manual labor to which of the following __________________.

2. Gilbert believes that Conway has a ________ when it comes to the horses.

3. Conway warns about polluting one's _____________.

4. Conway shocked students when he claimed never to use which of the following?

5. What branch of the military did Reckford join?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the relationship between Conway and Ashley.

2. What was the overall accomplishment of the Long Riders?

3. What is one of Conway's ultimate goals?

4. Conway makes reference to Walt Whitman regarding nature. What is the quote and what does it mean?

5. What is Gilbert's observation about Conway's life at Turtle Island and the message he often fails to deliver?

6. What happened between Eustace and Judson along the way?

7. How did the sons fare in their adult lives? What was their reaction to their inheritance?

8. What was the reason behind denying Karen the opportunity to take over for her father?

9. Examine the concept and rules of Camp Sequoyah.

10. What happened to cause the relationship to end?

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