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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Many are shocked that Mrs. Conway would allow her children to play in or near _______________.
(a) Water.
(b) Fire.
(c) Sandpits.
(d) The woods.

2. In which year did Conway buy the first parcel of land for the preserve?
(a) 1983.
(b) 1987.
(c) 1989.
(d) 1992.

3. It was also around this time that Conway began to do what?
(a) Write.
(b) Cliff dive.
(c) Paint.
(d) Travel.

4. Which is not among the items Conway gifted to Valarie?
(a) Earrings.
(b) Hatchet.
(c) Knife sheath.
(d) Riding crop.

5. Conway taught the class how to do which of the following?
(a) Cure ham.
(b) Build a fire with no matches.
(c) Make a fishing pole.
(d) Skin a rabbit.

6. Which of the following does not describe Conway?
(a) Preservationist.
(b) Naturalist.
(c) Politician.
(d) Business owner.

7. Conway found it necessary to approach Big Eustace when he was in need of which of the following?
(a) Kidney donor.
(b) Loan.
(c) Tractor.
(d) Signature.

8. Conway believes that man's connection to nature has _________________.
(a) Disintegrated.
(b) Blossomed.
(c) Faltered.
(d) Grown.

9. Unlike American men, European men tend to be more ___________________.
(a) Provincial.
(b) Grounded.
(c) Well bred.
(d) Finicky.

10. When Conway was not at school he spent his time acting as which of the following _________________.
(a) Tour guide.
(b) Activist.
(c) Ranch hand.
(d) Assistant curator.

11. What was the name of the English writer fascinated by the American man?
(a) Isadora.
(b) Annabelle.
(c) Alistair.
(d) Isabella.

12. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the book?
(a) Davy Crockett.
(b) John Fremont.
(c) Yosemite Sam.
(d) Kit Carson.

13. Gilbert recounts one of Conway's lectures given to a room full of people that looked and acted like _______________.
(a) Convicts.
(b) Street people.
(c) Hoodlums.
(d) Jerks.

14. In what month did Donna move out of the teepee?
(a) January.
(b) April.
(c) September.
(d) July.

15. Where was Karen Conway raised?
(a) Salt Lake City.
(b) Asheville.
(c) Minneapolis.
(d) Phoenix.

Short Answer Questions

1. Chapter 4 begins in which year?

2. When Gilbert was in her twenties she decided to move to which state to become a cowgirl?

3. In which city did the author meet the brothers?

4. How old was Mrs. Conway when she took the silver flute passage?

5. What is the word that is repeatedly used as a synonym for the word expertise?

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