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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gilbert comments on which famous treaty?
(a) Treaty of London.
(b) Declaration of Independence.
(c) Marshall Plan.
(d) Treaty of Paris.

2. Where did the professor go to college?
(a) Clemson.
(b) Yale.
(c) Harvard.
(d) Brown.

3. Which of the following is not part of the American man's unusual attire?
(a) Spurs.
(b) Whip.
(c) Large boots.
(d) Leather clothing.

4. In what state was Conway born and raised?
(a) North Dakota.
(b) Minnesota.
(c) Georgia.
(d) North Carolina.

5. Where did Conway choose to live?
(a) Mountains.
(b) In a commune.
(c) Woods.
(d) With grandparents.

6. Conway flew to which country to realize his dream?
(a) Japan.
(b) Canada.
(c) Guatemala.
(d) Argentina.

7. What is Susan's last name?
(a) Van Pelt.
(b) Orsulak.
(c) Swartzkov.
(d) Klimkowski.

8. How old was Conway when he began to stay out in the woods alone?
(a) 17.
(b) 9.
(c) 12.
(d) 15.

9. Conway is compared to which mythological character?
(a) Billy the Kid.
(b) Davy Crockett.
(c) Zeus.
(d) Paul Bunyan.

10. What was the name of the man that agreed to provide a place to stay for the Long Riders?
(a) Martin.
(b) Pierson.
(c) Winslow.
(d) Mitchell.

11. Conway taught the class how to do which of the following?
(a) Make a fishing pole.
(b) Skin a rabbit.
(c) Cure ham.
(d) Build a fire with no matches.

12. Gilbert was stunned to see Conway sharing his life stories with which dangerous group?
(a) Gang members.
(b) Mafia.
(c) Pimps.
(d) Crack dealers.

13. People in Conway's crowd referred to him as being _____________.
(a) Cool.
(b) Rude.
(c) Goofy.
(d) Rigid.

14. What is the name of Conway and Valarie's mutual friend?
(a) Henry.
(b) Hank.
(c) Harry.
(d) Herb.

15. Along with being a journalist, it can also be said that Conway was working as a(n) ___________________.
(a) Anthropologist.
(b) Genealogist.
(c) Archeologist.
(d) Ethnologist.

Short Answer Questions

1. What items were spread across the desk when Gilbert sat talking to Conway?

2. Which of the following was not something taught to Conway while he lived outside the country?

3. Which is not one of the animals acquired on the cross country trip?

4. It was also around this time that Conway began to do what?

5. Chapter 4 begins in which year?

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