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American Frontier - Since colonial times, this place was considered to be any place in the new world that was not yet inhabited and beyond the reach of the Europeans.

Turtle Island Preserve - This place is a 1,000-acre nature preserve owned by Conway, located eight miles outside of Boone, North Carolina.

Wyoming - This is one of the last pieces of wilderness, chosen by the author to reinvent herself as a cowgirl.

New York City - This place was the home to author Elizabeth Gilbert and the city in which she met Eustace Conway for the first time.

Gastonia, North Carolina - This is the small city where Eustace Conway was born and raised.

Boone, North Carolina - This place is the home to 1,000-acre Conway's Turtle Island Preserve.

Scheile Museum - This is a small natural history museum located in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Asheville, North...

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