The Last American Man Character Descriptions

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Eustace Conway

This person is an American naturalist, preservationist, and owner operator of Turtle Island Preserve in North Carolina.

The American Man

This person is part stereotype, part myth.

Elizabeth Gilbert

This is the author of The Last American Man.

Alan Stout

This is the director of the Scheile Museum, a small natural history museum located in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Davy Crockett

This was the ultimate frontiersman, politician and American folk hero, who was often referred to as King of the Wild Frontier.

Randy Cable

This was Eustace Conway's childhood friend, son of an Appalachian mountain man.

Judson Conway

This person is Eustace's brother and friend to author Elizabeth Gilbert.

Theodore Roosevelt

This man was the president of the United States and one of the American men to shun modern civilization in order to explore the wilderness.

Frederick Jackson Turner

This person was an American historian, staunch preservationist...

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