The Last American Man Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1-3

• Reader is introduced to Eustace Conway.

• Conway was raised in North Carolina in the 1960s.

• Conway shunned "civilized" life to become a naturalist.

• Conway moved to the woods at age 17.

• Conway's travel exploits are recounted.
• Conway lived in Guatemala to learn about primitive cultures.

• Conway's childhood is reviewed.

• Karen Conway, Eustace's mother, is also a free spirit.

• Gilbert talks about meeting Conway and his brother in 1993.

• The author reverts to 1975 for tales about Conway's museum experiences.

• Karen Conway's style of mothering is discussed.

• Gilbert explains the make up of the American man.
• Gilbert compares American men to foreign men.

• Isabella Bird is introduced.

• Gilbert wanted to find out if all the stories were true.

• Gilbert recounts the meeting with Eustace and Judson.
• Gilbert appreciates Conway's style.

• Conway was kind to all no matter what the situation.

• Conway has developed a strong dogma.

• Gilbert talks about Conway's...

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