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Moisés Kaufman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is repeated by several of the play’s characters as being the unsaid motto of the people of Laramie?
(a) Love everybody
(b) Freedom for all
(c) Don’t judge
(d) Live and let live

2. What does the ADL stand for?
(a) American Defense League
(b) Anti-Defamation League
(c) American Domestic Lawyers
(d) Automatic Denial Litigation

3. Who discovered the body of Matthew Shepard?
(a) Jon Peacock
(b) Sherry Johnson
(c) Aaron Kreifels
(d) Lucy Thompson

4. In “Moment: Aaron McKinney” of Act 3, who is played in a tape recording questioning Aaron McKinney?
(a) Greg Pierotti
(b) Father Roger Schmit
(c) Jim Geringer
(d) Sergeant Rob DeBree

5. In “Moment: Angels in America” of Act 3, the Narrator states that who is producing Angels in America this year?
(a) Dennis Shepard
(b) Rebecca Hilliker
(c) Romaine Patterson
(d) Doug Laws

Short Answer Questions

1. Rulon Stacey states in “Moment: Medical Update” in Act 2 that Matthew Shepard’s major injuries upon arrival at the hospital consisted of a skull fracture and what?

2. What was the term that was used to refer to the individuals who dressed as angels and assembled around the Westboro Baptist Church protesters at the trial of Russell Henderson?

3. Who submits a statement to the court as the grandmother of Russell Henderson in “Moment: Russell Henderson” of Act 3?

4. Who says in “Moment: Departure” of Act 3, “And I will speak with you, I will trust that if you write a play of this, that you say it right. You need to do your best to say it correct”?

5. According to Catherine Connolly in Act 2, the arraignment lasted how long?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the Society for Human Rights? When was it established?

2. How do the citizens of Laramie feel about the arrival of the media? How do they respond to the trial?

3. What story is related by Reggie Fluty in “Moment: Seeing Matthew” of Act 2?

4. What internal conflicts are evident in the citizens of Laramie in the play?

5. What internal conflict does Jedadiah present in “Moment: Live and Let Live” of Act 2?

6. What sentencing does Russell Henderson receive in Act 3?

7. How does Wyoming’s history relate to the establishment of equality for Americans?

8. What follows the funeral of Matthew Shepard in Act 3?

9. What internal conflict is illustrated in the character of Dennis Shepard in Act 3?

10. What is remarked in the play about the publicity of the Matthew Shepard murder case?

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