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Moisés Kaufman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rulon Stacey states in “Moment: Medical Update” in Act 2 that Matthew Shepard’s major injuries upon arrival at the hospital consisted of a skull fracture and what?
(a) Hypothermia
(b) Lung collapse
(c) An amputated arm
(d) Gunshot wounds

2. Leigh Fondakowski has been a member of Tectonic Theater Project since what year?
(a) 2001
(b) 2004
(c) 1998
(d) 1995

3. In “Moment: Live and Let Live” of Act 2, who says “Well, it’s preached in schools that being gay is okay”?
(a) Conrad Miller
(b) Doc O'Connor
(c) Dennis Shepard
(d) Aaron Kreifels

4. In “Moment: Gay Panic” of Act 3, who says, “When that defense team argued that McKinney did what he did because Matthew made a pass at him … I just wanted to vomit, because that’s like saying that it’s okay.”?
(a) Zackie Salmon
(b) Reggie Fluty
(c) Matt Galloway
(d) Greg Pierotti

5. According to Catherine Connolly in Act 2, the arraignment lasted how long?
(a) 20 minutes
(b) 6 hours
(c) 5 minutes
(d) 2 hours

Short Answer Questions

1. Who sets up a vigil as Matt lies dying in the hospital and is disappointed when other ministers in the town will not become involved?

2. Rulon Stacey states in “Moment: Medical Update” in Act 2 that Matthew Shepard was admitted to the hospital in critical condition on what date?

3. The Judge completes the arraignment in Act 2 by stating that “Said defendants left the victim” how?

4. When was the Reverend Fred Phelps born?

5. Where was the Reverend Fred Phelps born?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the objective of the Reverend Fred Phelps in the play?

2. How is the phrase “Live and let live” used for contrast in the play?

3. In the past, legislative attempts to define hate crimes have sparked national debate. Should the definitions include crimes committed against disabled people or people of different nationalities?

4. How is prejudice defined? What role does it play in The Laramie Project?

5. How does Kaufman use juxtaposition to create emotion in the audience in Act 2?

6. What is remarked in the play about the publicity of the Matthew Shepard murder case?

7. What follows the funeral of Matthew Shepard in Act 3?

8. How does Wyoming’s history relate to the establishment of equality for Americans?

9. What internal conflict is illustrated in the character of Dennis Shepard in Act 3?

10. What internal conflicts are evident in the citizens of Laramie in the play?

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