Objects & Places from The Laramie Project

Moisés Kaufman
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Tectonic Theater Project

With Moisés Kaufman at the helm, this performance company explores the ways in which experimentation with form and structure can inform theme in contemporary drama.

Laramie, Wyoming

This central location in the play is a city in Albany County, Wyoming.

The Society for Human Rights

This organization, established in Chicago in 1924, was the first organization in the United States that promoted the rights of people who classified themselves as homosexuals.

The Mattachine Society

This organization, founded in 1950, was one of the earliest homophile organizations in the United States.

The University of Wyoming

Jedadiah Schultz and Matt Shepard were both students at this institution.

The Fireside Bar

This is the location where Matt Shepard was last seen alive.

The Mormon Church

This is the religious organization led by Doug Laws in the play.


When Reggie Fluty attempted to save Matt Shepherd's life, she was...

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