The Laramie Project Character Descriptions

Moisés Kaufman
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Sherry Aanenson

This occupant of Laramie was the landlord of one of the men convicted of Matt Shepard's death.

Baptist Minister

This individual represented in the play believes that the Bible states that homosexuality is wrong.

Stephen Belber

This was one of the members of Tectonic Theater Project who traveled to Laramie, conducted interviews, helped write the play, and portrayed himself as well as several other characters in the play.

Dr. Cantway

This occupant of Laramie was an emergency-room doctor at Ivinson Memorial Hospital and helped to try to save Matt Shepard's life.

Catherine Connolly

This professor at the University of Wyoming in Laramie considers herself to be the "first 'out' lesbian or gay faculty member on campus."

Rob DeBree

This occupant of Laramie was the chief investigator of Matt Shepard's murder.

Philip Dubois

This individual was the president of the University of Wyoming when Matt Shepard was killed...

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