The Land I Lost: Adventures of a Boy in Vietnam Test | Final Test - Easy

Quang Nhuong Huynh
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the name of the main protagonist in the opera?
(a) Faithful One.
(b) The Elegant One.
(c) The Strong One.
(d) The Fine Young Man.

2. What kind of snake does the author say the horse snake grew as large as?
(a) A brown snake.
(b) A python.
(c) A rattle snake.
(d) An adder.

3. What was the name of the villain in the opera?
(a) Goodness Me.
(b) The Flatterer.
(c) Faithful One.
(d) Jimbo.

4. During what season did Nhuong and his cousin like to catch fish?
(a) The sunny season.
(b) The rainy season.
(c) The windy season.
(d) The tornado season.

5. What kind of profession did the mother want her son to move into?
(a) Fingersmithing.
(b) Blacksmithing.
(c) Baking.
(d) Cleaning.

6. What is the name of the farmer who discovers the horse snake?
(a) Lin.
(b) Beet.
(c) Minh.
(d) Lang.

7. What did the old lady keep with her after the monkey had ruined her life?
(a) A stick.
(b) A bow and arrow.
(c) A gun.
(d) A knife.

8. How did the monkey kill the child?
(a) Strangled it.
(b) Starved it.
(c) Chopped it up.
(d) Shot it.

9. What character is the chapter Opera, Karate and Bandits dedicated to?
(a) Minh.
(b) Nhuong's cousin.
(c) Grandmother.
(d) Nhuong.

10. What did Trung think Lan was when he saw her on the island from a distance?
(a) A bush.
(b) A bamboo cane.
(c) An ape.
(d) A tree.

11. How did the old lady react to the death of the monkey?
(a) She cried.
(b) She laughed.
(c) She fainted.
(d) She slapped the man.

12. What kind of fish does the horse snake become intoxicated by?
(a) The silver fish.
(b) The buffalo fish.
(c) The hogfish.
(d) The goldfish.

13. What had Lan dressed herself in?
(a) Leaves.
(b) Tiger skin.
(c) Coconut shells.
(d) Crocodile skin.

14. What had been placed over the son's head when the mother visited him at his cot?
(a) A banyan leaf.
(b) A dead hog.
(c) Vine leaves.
(d) Tree leaves.

15. What kind of lamp attracted the horse snake?
(a) A eel lamp.
(b) A tiger lamp.
(c) A hogfish lamp.
(d) A catfish lamp.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator name the person who insults his grandfather at the restaurant?

2. How did Nhuong's mother think the old lady should have kept her monkey?

3. What would happen if a fisherman pulled the fishline from the eel too early?

4. What kind of creature covered the man's face?

5. What did the son do for a living?

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