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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the lady resolve to kill herself?
(a) By hanging herself.
(b) By stabbing herself.
(c) By jumping into the sea.
(d) By poisoning herself.

2. What happens to Lanval after his encounter with the queen?
(a) His life is threatened.
(b) He is banished.
(c) He is sent to his love.
(d) He is arrested.

3. Fearing they will be discovered, what does Guigemar's love do to the tail of his shirt?
(a) She tucks it in his pants.
(b) She braids it.
(c) She ties an intricate knot.
(d) She cuts it off.

4. As Le Fresne grows into womanhood, what happens?
(a) Her beauty becomes well known.
(b) She grows to be unruly.
(c) She wonders about her mother.
(d) She becomes angry and sad.

5. What happens when he reaches the top?
(a) He runs down the mountain.
(b) He collapses, dead.
(c) He kisses the princess.
(d) He begins to cry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the other woman's mother intend to have Le Fresne do?

2. After the wedding, the bride's mother brings her into the bed chamber. What does she recognize?

3. What does the woman want the knight to do?

4. What does the princess tell her lover to do?

5. The beautiful woman tells Lanval of her love for him and. How does Lanval respond?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does a knight's wife end up locked away?

2. Why do a knight and his neighbor's wife send messages and gifts to each other?

3. How do Milun and his son meet for the first time?

4. What happens when Guigemar first arrives at Meriaduc's castle?

5. What does the lady intend to write for the four knights? What does the knight think she should call it?

6. What does the husband do with the nightingale?

7. How does this story end?

8. How does Le Fresne end up being raised by an abbess?

9. How is Guigemar's life threatened? Why is it threatened? What is the conclusion of this story?

10. How does the woman learn that Le Fresne is her lost daughter?

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