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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In honor of the marriage, what does Le Fresne do?
(a) She gives the woman a ring.
(b) She leaves the castle.
(c) She makes the veil for the bride.
(d) She prepares the wedding bed with the fine cloth she was given as an infant.

2. Where does the servant leave the infant?
(a) In her mistress's room.
(b) On the steps of an orphanage.
(c) At her neighbor's home.
(d) In an ash tree near a large abbey.

3. Learning that the woman is married to the knight that Bisclavret attacked before, what does the king do to the knight?
(a) He banishes him.
(b) He has him killed.
(c) He tortures him.
(d) He arrests him.

4. What does the other woman's mother intend to have Le Fresne do?
(a) Become her daughter's maidservant.
(b) Marry Gurun's brother.
(c) Marry Gurun instead.
(d) Marry someone else to get her out of Gurun's household.

5. What happens when they are discovered by her husband?
(a) He sets Guigemar adrift in the same ship that first carried him.
(b) He attempts to kill Guigemar.
(c) He leaves them so they can be together.
(d) He divorces his wife.

6. How does the woman respond to Equitan?
(a) Reluctantly.
(b) Angrily.
(c) Sadly.
(d) Happily.

7. What does the woman do to the baby?
(a) She gives the baby to her sister to raise.
(b) She gives her to her servant.
(c) She sets the baby in a basket by the river.
(d) She wraps the baby in a fine cloth and ties a large golden ring to its arm.

8. Believing this, what does the husband of the woman with the twins do?
(a) He yells at his wife.
(b) He begs his wife to explain what has happened.
(c) He fights the other woman's husband.
(d) He becomes jealous and locks her away unjustly.

9. Why do the lord's knights still pressure him to marry a woman of noble birth?
(a) They believe Le Fresne to be only a lowly orphan.
(b) They want him to be happy.
(c) He is need of monetary support.
(d) They do not like Le Fresne.

10. What does the king do to the knight's wife?
(a) He tortures the woman until she tells everything.
(b) He banishes her.
(c) He arrests her.
(d) He has her killed.

11. How does Lanval's lover affect everyone?
(a) Her power scares everyone.
(b) Her power stuns everyone.
(c) Her beauty scares everyone.
(d) Her beauty stuns everyone.

12. While hunting near his home, Guigemar shoots what with an arrow?
(a) A hog.
(b) A bear.
(c) A turkey.
(d) A white deer.

13. What does the woman want the knight to do?
(a) Banish her husband.
(b) Steal her husband's clothes.
(c) Protect her husband.
(d) Kill her husband.

14. What would happen if Bisclavret could not find his clothes?
(a) He would need new clothes.
(b) He would be naked.
(c) He would be embarrassed.
(d) He would remain a werewolf forever.

15. What does the king decree regarding his daughter?
(a) Any man who wishes to marry her must be very wealthy.
(b) Any man who wishes to marry her must marry someone else instead.
(c) Any man who wishes to marry her must move into the king's castle.
(d) Any man who wishes to marry her must be able to carry her to the top of the nearby mountain without resting.

Short Answer Questions

1. On what does Lanval's lover enter?

2. When Lanval's love comes to him, how will she appear to everyone else?

3. When the woman's husband returns, what does the king do?

4. Trapped, what does Bisclavret do?

5. What do these women do for Guigemar?

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