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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While the woman's husband is out of the room, what do the woman and the king do?
(a) They plot to kill him.
(b) They write the husband a Dear John letter.
(c) They pack her belongings.
(d) They begin to make love on the bed.

2. How does Lanval's lover affect everyone?
(a) Her power scares everyone.
(b) Her beauty stuns everyone.
(c) Her power stuns everyone.
(d) Her beauty scares everyone.

3. After Bisclavret is missing a year, what does everyone assume?
(a) His wife will never marry again.
(b) He no longer loves his wife.
(c) He has been captured.
(d) He will never return.

4. When they do not return from the top, what does the king do?
(a) He curses them.
(b) He asks his servants to go up after them.
(c) He climbs up after them.
(d) He goes home.

5. To where do the lady and her maids help Guigemar?
(a) A guest bedroom.
(b) His castle.
(c) The lady's chambers.
(d) His ship.

6. How does the man respond when his love begs him to drink the potion?
(a) He does not like the taste of it.
(b) He will not.
(c) He will later.
(d) He will drink it.

7. What does Equitan say about the woman's husband?
(a) If her husband were dead, he would be free to marry her.
(b) He should go fight in the Crusades.
(c) He is a fool to not treat his wife better.
(d) If she truly loved Equitan, she would divorce her husband.

8. When another woman is chosen to be the lord's wife, what does Le Fresne do?
(a) She continues to serve Gurun faithfully.
(b) She hides in her room.
(c) She begs him to not marry the woman.
(d) She leaves Gurun's home.

9. Does the king agree to this plan?
(a) Yes.
(b) No.
(c) Partially.
(d) Not at first.

10. How does the king reward Bisclavret?
(a) With a new wife.
(b) With land and riches.
(c) With half of the kingdom.
(d) With a title.

11. Why does the king not wish to give his daughter up in marriage?
(a) He is devoted to his daughter.
(b) He will be lonely.
(c) He has found no worthy men.
(d) He trusts no one.

12. What does Bisclavret's wife insist on knowing?
(a) Why he would be embarrassed.
(b) Where he hides his clothes.
(c) Why he must be naked.
(d) Where is spare clothing is located.

13. Where does Lanval go?
(a) He returns to his home.
(b) He rides off to Avalon with his beloved, never to return.
(c) He goes to build his own castle.
(d) He the chapel to pray.

14. Not wishing to be judged by her own false words, what does the woman do?
(a) She begs to be saved.
(b) She gives birth to her twins in secret.
(c) She gives both of her babies away.
(d) She conspires to have a servant leave one of the girls at a church.

15. The beautiful woman tells Lanval of her love for him and. How does Lanval respond?
(a) He professes his love for her.
(b) He laughs at her.
(c) He turns and runs away.
(d) He is hesitant.

Short Answer Questions

1. Giugemar does what if he will let him have the lady?

2. Trapped, what does Bisclavret do?

3. Lanval is a worthy knight in the service of Arthur, but when Arthur hands out rewards to his knights, what happens to Lanval?

4. What happens after these first maidens approach the court?

5. What does the knight give his lover?

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