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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Satisfied that Lanval has been vindicated, what does Arthur do to Lanval?
(a) He releases Lanval.
(b) He marries Lanval and his love.
(c) He allows Lanval to return to the kingdom.
(d) He lets Lanval be a knight again.

2. What would happen if Bisclavret could not find his clothes?
(a) He would remain a werewolf forever.
(b) He would be embarrassed.
(c) He would need new clothes.
(d) He would be naked.

3. How does the knight who is now married to Bisclavret's wife end up coming to the king's castle?
(a) The king summons him to the castle.
(b) He is looking for work at the castle.
(c) The king holds a festival and summons all the knights in his service.
(d) He is the king's brother.

4. What does the princess tell her lover to do?
(a) Train for the climb.
(b) Go to her aunt for a potion to give him the strength to carry her up the mountain.
(c) Talk to her father and work out a compromise.
(d) Climb the mountain.

5. As Le Fresne grows into womanhood, what happens?
(a) Her beauty becomes well known.
(b) She grows to be unruly.
(c) She wonders about her mother.
(d) She becomes angry and sad.

6. What does the king do to the knight's wife?
(a) He arrests her.
(b) He has her killed.
(c) He banishes her.
(d) He tortures the woman until she tells everything.

7. Impressed by the creature's apparent intelligence, what does the king do?
(a) He helps him find his clothes.
(b) He makes him an act in the circus.
(c) He makes him a knight.
(d) He spares its life and takes Bisclavret back to his castle to live.

8. Where does Lanval go?
(a) He rides off to Avalon with his beloved, never to return.
(b) He goes to build his own castle.
(c) He returns to his home.
(d) He the chapel to pray.

9. When Bisclavret sees the knight again, what does he do?
(a) He lunges for him, pulling him to the ground.
(b) He growls at him.
(c) He stabs him.
(d) He ignores him.

10. Giugemar does what if he will let him have the lady?
(a) Protect Mariaduc's castle.
(b) Serve Meriaduc for three years.
(c) Anything Meriaduc requests.
(d) Return to his home.

11. What happens when he reaches the top?
(a) He kisses the princess.
(b) He runs down the mountain.
(c) He begins to cry.
(d) He collapses, dead.

12. With whom does Guigemar fall in love?
(a) The lady's daughter.
(b) The lady's sister.
(c) The lady.
(d) The lady's maid.

13. How does the king reward Bisclavret?
(a) With land and riches.
(b) With half of the kingdom.
(c) With a title.
(d) With a new wife.

14. Later, while the king is staying with Bisclavret near the home of Bisclavret's wife, the creature sees his wife and does what?
(a) Ignores her.
(b) Attacks her, biting off her nose.
(c) Growls at her.
(d) Kills her.

15. Trapped, what does Bisclavret do?
(a) He growls at the king.
(b) He kneels down before the king in a sign of mercy.
(c) He hides in the bushes.
(d) He begs for help.

Short Answer Questions

1. When another woman is chosen to be the lord's wife, what does Le Fresne do?

2. What does Equitan say about the woman's husband?

3. After the wedding, the bride's mother brings her into the bed chamber. What does she recognize?

4. What does Guigemar tie around her?

5. When the man's wife is sent to speak to Equitan, what does he do?

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