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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chaitivel.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Fearing they will be discovered, what does Guigemar's love do to the tail of his shirt?
(a) She tucks it in his pants.
(b) She cuts it off.
(c) She braids it.
(d) She ties an intricate knot.

2. The lord asks Guigemar to do what?
(a) Leave the woman alone.
(b) Kill the woman's husband.
(c) Come help him fight an enemy.
(d) Return to his own kingdom.

3. With whose wife does Equitan fall in love?
(a) His uncle's.
(b) His seneschal's.
(c) His brother's.
(d) His father's.

4. What does the lady do for the three knights?
(a) She sends them thank you cards.
(b) She has them banisehd from the kingdom.
(c) She has them buried with honor.
(d) She has them put to death.

5. What is the woman forced to do?
(a) Leave the kingdom.
(b) Return Bisclavret's clothes to him.
(c) Return to her first husband.
(d) Beg for forgiveness.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the woman's husband returns, what does the king do?

2. What do these women do for Guigemar?

3. After Bisclavret is missing a year, what does everyone assume?

4. Giugemar does what if he will let him have the lady?

5. Does the king agree to this plan?

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