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Objective: Guigemar is about a great knight named Guigemar who has one flaw. He shows no interest in romance.This lesson will discuss this knight.

1) Class Discussion: Who is Guigemar? What do you know about him?

Small Group Activity: Why is the fact that he shows no interest in romance considered a flaw? Do you agree? Why or why not?

Class Debate: Split the class into two groups and debate whether Guigemar's lack of interest in love is a flaw.

Homework: Write a short essay describing the debate. Make sure to include your feelings about this topic.


Objective: In Guigemar, when the knight attempts to shoot a deer with an arrow, the arrow hits him. The deer tells him his wound will only be healed by a woman for whom he has suffered greatly in love and who has suffered for his love. This lesson will...

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