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• Guigemar is a great knight with but one flaw; he shows no interest in romance.

• Guigemar has tried to kill a deer but injures himself in the process; the deer tells him he will only heal if his wound is treated by one for whom he has greatly suffered love and who has suffered for his love.

• He boards a ship which carries him to an ancient city ruled by an old lord with a beautiful young wife he keeps locked away.

• The lady bandages his wound, and, soon, Guigemar falls in love with the lady; she feels the same, and he stays with her, hidden away.

• Fearing they will be discovered, the lady and Guigemar make promises to love only each other.

• They are discovered by her husband, and Guigemar is sent home.

• The lady tries to commit suicide but takes the mystical ship to a...

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