The Lady, or the Tiger? Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. To what genres and literary styles is Frank R. Stockton most associated?

Stockton was considered a humorist, and hIs stones often combined elements of humor with the trick ending. His children's collection, Tin-a-ling, was widely regarded to have brought children's literature into a new era, with his reliance on plots that did not have happy endings even though they were styled after Grimm's fairy tales.

2. How was Frank R. Stockton regarded as an author when "The Lady, or the Tiger?" was published?

In his time, Stockton was hailed as the equal of Mark Twain; in 1899 he came in fifth in a poll listing the best living American writers. He used humor for illustrative purposes: "Many of his stories virtually cry out in stifled screams against the cozy suffocation of civilized conduct," said Henry Golemba in the Dictionary of Literary Biography.

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