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Lesson 1 (from Part 1)


"The Lady, or the Tiger?" is a short story by American author Frank R. Stockton. First published in The Century magazine in 1882, the story has been frequently anthologized as an allegory and fairy tale. Objectives for this lesson include researching the author and the publication of the story, exploring its setting, and identifying and discussing the narrative style established in Part 1 of "The Lady, or the Tiger?”.


Research Activity: Conduct research on author Frank R. Stockton and the publication of “The Lady, or the Tiger?” In what periodical was the story first published? How renowned was Stockton at the time of the story’s publication?

Group Assignment: Assign students to groups of 3-4 each. As a group, read Part 1 of the story (Pages 1-2) and collaborate in developing a project that illustrates and analyzes the setting. When in history do you think the story takes...

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