The Lady, or the Tiger? Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Part 1

• This story commences with the description of a king who lived in "very olden times."

• The king is described as being "semi-barbaric" despite the slight influence of more progressive Latin neighbors.

• Due to his unfettered authority and totalitarianism, the king’s fancies become fact.

• The king has a calm, pleasant nature both when things go his way and when they do not.

• The king is even calmer and more pleasant when things do not go his way, as he derives great pleasure from bending things to how he feels that they should be.

Part 2

• The physical embodiment of the king's will is a public arena.

• The purpose of this arena is poetic justice incarnate---where people earn their just punishment or reward by an "impartial and incorruptible chance."

• When a subject is accused of a crime that catches the king's interest, he gives public notice that the person's...

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