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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5 The Conquest of Colonialism.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To which of the following does Paz reduce the Mexican character? (Chapter Four, page 73).
(a) The Mexican only lives when he faces death.
(b) The Mexican is himself only in the crowd of a fiesta or ceremony.
(c) The Mexican is stronger when he is alone.
(d) The Mexican does not dare or want to be himself.

2. As explained in Chapter One, who are the pachucos?
(a) Old men who no longer have a connection to their native land.
(b) Young men who leave Mexico for the United States hoping for a better life.
(c) Old men who keep the memory of Mexico alive in their grandchildren who were born in the United States.
(d) Rebellious youths who are not assimilated into North American culture.

3. As Paz begins Chapter Two, he says that the Mexican is always afraid to glance at his neighbor. What reason does he give for that?
(a) The glance could spark rage.
(b) His neighbor reveals the disillusioned character of Mexico.
(c) His neighbor is a pathetic version of himself.
(d) The glance could reveal his isolation.

4. When does the pachuco become his true self?
(a) When his life explodes.
(b) When he is alone.
(c) When he is in Mexico.
(d) When he is surrounded by fellow Mexicans.

5. In Paz's argument, how have tradition and religion always been presented to the Mexicans?
(a) As things leading to their spiritual salvation.
(b) As things that stifle their individuality.
(c) As things that will solidify their national identity.
(d) As things to be held lightly or discarded.

Short Answer Questions

1. To follow Paz's previous argument, what is the result when one Mexican confides in another?

2. What makes the foreigner skeptical about Mexicans (Chapter Four)?

3. Why does a Mexican blend into his surroundings and become solely Appearance?

4. What is the Mexican concept of work?

5. What is Paz's opinion about the physical features distinguishing Mexicans from North Americans?

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