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Edward P. Jones
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Skiffington fight his lust for this other woman in his life?
(a) Skiffington is afraid it will become public gossip.
(b) The Bible looks down on adultery.
(c) Skiffington loves his wife.
(d) The woman in question has rebuffed his advances.

2. How does Caldonia react to the stricken slave and Moses' part in forcing that slave to work sick?
(a) Caldonia demands to be informed before Moses deals with a sick slave.
(b) Caldonia accepts Moses' excuse and forgives him.
(c) Caldonia decides to sell Moses to another plantation.
(d) Caldonia removes Moses as overseer.

3. Who takes care of Moses after he is hobbled and has fallen into a depression so deep he refuses to eat or see anyone?
(a) Elias.
(b) Alice.
(c) Caldonia.
(d) Celeste.

4. What happens to nine-year-old Abundance Crawford during the journey south with the slave traders?
(a) She breaks a leg and is left abandoned on the side of the road.
(b) She dies and is left abandoned on the side of the road.
(c) She becomes ill and is left with some racist slave patrollers on the side of the road.
(d) She dies and they have a nice, impromtu funeral for her on the side of the road.

5. Who does Moses think needs to be out of the picture to clear the way for Caldonia to free him and marry him?
(a) Louis and Calvin.
(b) Priscilla and Jamie.
(c) Elias and Celeste.
(d) Loretta and Bennett.

Short Answer Questions

1. What state are the slave traders who bought free man Augustus Townsend heading to?

2. Why does Moses force a sick slave to work in the fields despite protest from this person's family and friends?

3. Who is Ray Topps?

4. What ailment does John Skiffington suffer in the final chapters of the book?

5. What does Counsel run into as he enters Texas and finds himself surrounded by a pack of dogs?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Skiffington begins to investigate the disappearance of Moses' family and Alice, what does he begin to suspect?

2. Why does Moses encourages Alice, his wife, and son to run away?

3. Who buys Jebediah Dickinson upon learning that he is not free, but is a slave owned by a cruel pastor?

4. Who does Fern meet on the road as she returns home from consoling Caldonia over her loss for the past five weeks?

5. Who does Caldonia put in charge of the slaves after Moses runs away?

6. What does Caldonia buy for her slaves that she earlier rejected but now sees as an asset.

7. What does Counsel find in Mildred's house?

8. Why does Mildred not immediately report her husband missing when he does not return home from a business trip?

9. Why is Jebediah Dickinson arrested? What lie is revealed upon this arrest?

10. What happens to Celeste that causes many of the slaves and Caldonia to begin questioning their faith in Moses?

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