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Edward P. Jones
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Act of 1806 require?
(a) That all freed slaves register with local law enforcement.
(b) That all freed slaves carry freedom papers.
(c) That all freed slaves leave Virginia within twelve months.
(d) That all freed slaves pay extra taxes on their income.

2. Who was to perform the funeral service for Henry Townsend?
(a) Rev. Morris.
(b) Rev. Moffett.
(c) Caldonia.
(d) Robbins.

3. Why do Robbins and Henry come to the sheriff's office to see Skiffington while Broussard is a prisoner there?
(a) Travis has been cruel to Henry.
(b) Robbins is missing a slave.
(c) Henry has been robbed.
(d) Travis has been cruel to Robbins.

4. What do these men do to Augustus despite the fact that he is a free man?
(a) Arrest him for being a run away slave.
(b) Sell him to slave traders.
(c) Sell him to William Robbins.
(d) Arrest him for breaking the Act of 1806.

5. What does Calvin swear he would do with his own slaves if his mother was not standing in his way?
(a) Whip them.
(b) Sell them.
(c) Work them harder.
(d) Free them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Rita?

2. Why are the slave patrols formed?

3. What is John Skiffington's job at the time he decides to marry?

4. Where does Skiffington tell his wife he would someday like to move to?

5. What decision does Moses make that angers Caldonia?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who was Henry Townsend's first slave?

2. What happens to Celeste that causes many of the slaves and Caldonia to begin questioning their faith in Moses?

3. What do the slaves fear upon learning of the death of Henry Townsend?

4. Why is Jebediah Dickinson arrested? What lie is revealed upon this arrest?

5. Who does Caldonia put in charge of the slaves after Moses runs away?

6. What gift are John Skiffington and his wife, Winifred, given at their wedding?

7. How does Mildred get killed?

8. What does Caldonia buy for her slaves that she earlier rejected but now sees as an asset.

9. How is Augustus killed?

10. Who is pressuring Skiffington to find Caldonia's missing slaves and what temptation is adding to Skiffington's stress?

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