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Edward P. Jones
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Skiffington meet his future bride?
(a) At the home of Gilly Patterson.
(b) At the local hotel.
(c) At the local merchantile.
(d) At the home of William Robbins.

2. What inspires the punishment Henry orders for Elias when he is caught attempting to run away?
(a) A slave Henry knew as a child with a similar injury.
(b) A story in the newspaper.
(c) A story told to him by other slave owners.
(d) His own imagination.

3. What punishment did Henry hire Oden Peoples to carry out against Elias for attempting to run away?
(a) Hobble him.
(b) Cut off his tongue.
(c) Cut off his ear.
(d) Cut off his toes.

4. Why does John Skiffington decide to marry?
(a) To have children.
(b) To please his father.
(c) To have a companion.
(d) To obey the Bible.

5. What mistake does Frazier make when he approaches this woman to discuss his latest writing project?
(a) Frazier assumes she is white.
(b) Frazier assumes she was once a slave.
(c) Fazier assumes she wants to talk about slavery.
(d) Frazier assumes she once owned slaves.

6. What does Caldonia swear she intends to do with the slaves?
(a) Treat them with more discipline than Henry showed.
(b) Allow Calvin to take over their care.
(c) Free them.
(d) Carry on with Henry's shepherd-master ways.

7. What does Alice often do as she walks down the road?
(a) Sings.
(b) Picks weeds.
(c) Calls for her missing family.
(d) Talks to herself.

8. What does Rita hide under inside this crate in order to escape?
(a) Gilly Patterson's clothing.
(b) Augustus Townsend's walking sticks.
(c) William Robbins' whips.
(d) John Skiffington's books.

9. What does the new sheriff organize to help crack down on runaway slaves?
(a) A hundred man military regiment.
(b) A fifty man militia.
(c) A twelve man slave patrol.
(d) A twenty man deputy roll.

10. What does Augustus Townsend do to make his living?
(a) Builds furniture.
(b) Makes boots.
(c) Serves food in a restaurant.
(d) Is a deputy sheriff.

11. What does Frazier's interviewee claim made slavery okay?
(a) The politicians said it was.
(b) The President said it was.
(c) Both the law and Bible sanctioned it.
(d) It was a way of life, the only way most people knew.

12. Who is Luke?
(a) A twelve year old slave who makes trouble on the Townsend plantation.
(b) The twelve year old son of Moses.
(c) The twelve year old son of Henry Townsend.
(d) A twelve year old boy Celeste and Elias have befriended.

13. Where do Augustus and Mildred stay when they are visiting their son's plantation?
(a) The main house.
(b) The slave quarters.
(c) A mother-in-law house.
(d) An apartment over the garage.

14. Who stops Augustus as he makes his way home after delivery furniture to a client?
(a) Travis, Skiffington, and Robbins.
(b) Peoples, Kinsey, and Elias.
(c) Travis, Peoples, and Kinsey.
(d) Skiffington, Robbins, and Thomas.

15. What does Skiffington think should be done with Minerva, his slave, if the family were to move?
(a) She should be sold to a plantation.
(b) She should remain with the family who cares for her.
(c) She should be freed.
(d) She should be forced into a beneficial marriage.

Short Answer Questions

1. From whom does Henry buy his first piece of land and his first slave?

2. Who is Clara Martin?

3. What does Stamford believe is his fate?

4. Who is chosen to be sheriff when Patterson resigns two years later?

5. For what reason does one of the jurors on Broussard's trial believe the man was convicted?

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