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Edward P. Jones
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Clara Martin?
(a) Skiffington's mother.
(b) Skiffington's mother-in-law.
(c) Skiffington's cousin.
(d) Skiffington's cousin by marriage.

2. What event caused the loss of county records in Manchester County?
(a) An earthquake.
(b) A 1912 fire.
(c) The Civil War.
(d) The dissolution of the county.

3. Why do Alice's owners put up with her odd behavior?
(a) Alice is entertaining.
(b) Alice is the daughter of the owner's cousin.
(c) Alice is a brillant artist.
(d) Alice is a good worker.

4. What decision does Moses make that angers Caldonia?
(a) To force the slaves to work past dark.
(b) To punish lazy slaves with whippings.
(c) To refuse the slaves food and water.
(d) To punish Stamford and Clement.

5. Who are Louis and Dora?
(a) Robbins' children with Philamena.
(b) Robbins' freed servants.
(c) Robbins' slaves.
(d) Robbins' children with his wife.

6. Why does Travis decide he wants the cow returned to him after he has already sold it?
(a) The new owner learns the cow is expecting a calf.
(b) It gets over the illness that should have killed it.
(c) The new owner sells it for more money than he paid for it.
(d) It begins producing milk.

7. What threat does Robbins level on Philamena when she returns from Richmond after her second attempt to run away?
(a) That he will make sure she is left with no money and no place to live.
(b) That he will beat her within an inch of her life.
(c) That her freedom papers will mean nothing if he decides to sell her back into slavery.
(d) That he will see her hanged.

8. What does Caldonia order Moses to do in the future in regard to decisions about the slaves?
(a) To make a nightly report to her personally.
(b) To turn over the overseer's job to Louis.
(c) To leave decision making to her and her family.
(d) To create a democracy where all the slaves make the major decisions.

9. What does Calvin swear he would do with his own slaves if his mother was not standing in his way?
(a) Whip them.
(b) Free them.
(c) Work them harder.
(d) Sell them.

10. Who dies as his wife and teacher discuss the fate of two slaves whose owner has died?
(a) Calvin Newman.
(b) John Skiffington.
(c) Henry Townsend.
(d) William Robbins.

11. What does Broussard speak to Robbins about during his visit to the jail?
(a) France.
(b) Running a plantation.
(c) Owning slaves in general.
(d) Selling him two slaves.

12. To whom does Revend Moffett preach obedience?
(a) Law officials.
(b) White servants.
(c) The slaves.
(d) Indentured slaves.

13. Who is Skiffington's future bride?
(a) Fern Elston.
(b) Minerva Skiffington.
(c) Clara Martin.
(d) Winifred Patterson.

14. What does Augustus Townsend do to make his living?
(a) Is a deputy sheriff.
(b) Makes boots.
(c) Builds furniture.
(d) Serves food in a restaurant.

15. What does Henry do with the gift his parents bring him every Sunday during their visits?
(a) Bribes the overseer so he does not have to work.
(b) Bribes the groom to give him the position.
(c) Bribes Robbins to keep raising his price.
(d) Bribes the slave patrol to allow him to wander the countryside.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who takes in Stamford to help heal his wounds after a fight with his cabin mate, Clement?

2. How many children do Caldonia and Henry have?

3. What is Anderson Frazier's latest project about?

4. Why does Skiffington believe slavery is just and should be preserved?

5. Who are Henry's favorite authors?

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