The Known World Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Edward P. Jones
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Chapter 1

• Henry's father was a slave who bought his freedom, and that of his wife, from their owner.

• In the following years, Henry's father has worked hard to save the money to buy his son, but the price for Henry keeps rising because the owner has a great deal of affection for Henry.

• The white owner, Robbins, has a black lover for whom he keeps a home to care for her and their children.
• Henry is literate, an uncommon thing among slaves. Henry was taught by a freeborn black woman named Fern Elston.

• After Henry is given his freedom, he buys a farm and his first slave, Moses, from his former owner.

• Henry married Caldonia, a freeborn black woman also educated by Fern Elston.

• Over the next few years, Henry's farm grows and he comes to own more than thirty slaves.
• Henry and his father are not on...

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