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Short Answer Questions

1. Part One: Chapter VIII has what title?

2. While in hiding, Macandal has made contact with whom in Part One: Chapter IV?

3. Whose rotting head is displayed in the Cap in Part Two: Chapter IV?

4. Where does Macandal throw himself when he escapes the burning in Part One: Chapter VIII?

5. What is enacted upon the slaves after the poisonings spread in Part One: Chapter V?

Short Essay Questions

1. What celebrations are described in Part One: Chapter VII?

2. How do M. Lenormand de Mézy and Governor Blancheland feel about the political climate in Part Two: Chapter III?

3. How is Macandal pinpointed as the cause for the poisoning epidemic in Part One: Chapter V?

4. How does the poison epidemic spread in the beginning of Part One: Chapter V?

5. What actions do the revolting slaves take at the plantation in Part Two: Chapter III?

6. For how long does M. Lenormand de Mézy remain in hiding in Part Two: Chapter IV? What does he find when he emerges?

7. How has the Cap changed Part Two: Chapter I? How much time has passed since Part One’s conclusion?

8. What is the backlash of Macandal’s campaign of poisoning in Part One: Chapter V?

9. How is Ti Noël described in Part One: Chapter I? Where is he doing with his master in this chapter?

10. What does Ti Noël compare the wax heads with in Part One: Chapter I?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the impact of the initial uprisings in the Haitian Revolution. How many acres of plantations were destroyed? How many revolutionaries fought against the colonials? How great were the colonial forces? Does the author realistically depict the events which took place?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the author’s depictions of women in the novel. In what ways are women seen as sexual objects? Is this depiction heightened or lessened through the character of Pauline Bonaparte? Why?

Essay Topic 3

Describe and discuss the setting of the novel as depicted in Part One. In what era does the novel begin? What was the political climate like in Haiti at this time? How did the Haitians view French rule? What was the viewpoint of France regarding slavery in the Caribbean?

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